We all know how hard first semester can be, especially for those who just got out of high school. Usually first semester is more stressful, and we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves, sometimes to the point where we think dropping out is our best option. Here are 4 reasons as to why you should keep pushing through second semester.

1. Friends


The majority of us have made at least a few friends during our first semester at university. Going to university can be nerve-wracking for those who don’t know anyone and have to get to know completely new people. Therefore, starting off a new semester with people you’ve gotten to know first semester makes life a lot less stressful.  UOttawa is a huge campus, 42587 students we’re enrolled in the year of 2013. With that many students you shouldn’t have a hard time finding someone to get along with!

2. Campus


UOttawa has a big campus, particularly since some buildings are part of UOttawa but off campus.  Your very first semester at the university can be very stressful since it can be hard to not only find the classroom but where the building is located. However, stress level decreases a lot during second semester because you now have an idea where at least some buildings are and you’re more familiar with the campus.

3. Knowing what to expect


This relates particularly to first year students. Transitioning from high school to university can be difficult because we don’t know what kind of work and thoughts will be expected from us. Going from first semester to second is a little easier because you now know a little bit of what to expect. It’s easier to understand certain teacher’s expectations, how exams work, the requirements for a good assignment and such.

4. Sleep


By the time second semester hits, you most likely have already mastered the art of no sleep. If you’re not getting up early for a morning class,  then you might be getting up to study. It get’s so much easier to get up when you’re used to it, which is usually the case during second semester.

To conclude, university is hard and very demanding. It can challenge your motivation. However, it does get easier so you need to keep pushing and not give up because you got this!


Chelsea Mallory

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