Discovering the University of Ottawa campus is essential to finding precious study spot gems because going to the library is rarely an option to do some productive and quiet studying. It can be very frustrating when tons of students all need space to do work yet there are barely enough spaces to accommodate everyone. This is why this article is dedicated to exposing some secret spaces on campus that might be of liking to our fellow GeeGees.

Before the list commences, you should know the one key secret to finding a prime study spot. That secret is coming earlier than 9 am. Anywhere on campus before 9am is empty and quiet. Places start to fill up by 10am and stay full until 7pm. Beat the rush and save your spots.

In this post, there will be a list 11 study spot options that students neglect to use:

Hamelin (floors 3,4 and 5).

This building is the quietest place to study on campus. Starting from the third floor and up, there are little lobby areas with couches, tables and bars to do the studying you desperately need to accomplish. The couches and loveseats in these study spaces aren’t any types of regular couches, in fact, the love seats have a swingout platform to put your notes or laptop and the couches have long backs so that your neck won’t get sore. The great thing about these spaces is that more often than not, professors or students leave out books and magazines to borrow and to inspire your studying. Students have been blessed with some great reads from the Hamelin study spaces.

Henderson residence lobby.

If you want the comfiest lounge chairs on campus to study, go to the Henderson residence lobby. The only people that go to Henderson are students who actually have a class in the open concept lecture hall. There are tons of plugs and options to eat without feeling bad about doing so. Science and engineering buildings are usually packed with students, but this area of the campus does have this residence that offers a great and quiet space within proximity of the south side of campus.


On each floor and at the end of the long halls are these square study spaces where you can eat, read, and converse to do group work. People don’t usually stay in this place for a long time because students are usually just waiting for their class to start in the Simard building and because of this, you are bound to find a spot at every class transition. The white walls can seem a little cold, but during the day the windows shine brightly with the sun making it an amazing study space for people who enjoy seeing the outdoors.

Cafe Alt.

If you get there early, you might get a booth. Not only is this a place where you can nibble on some food while studying, but you can also come to Cafe Alt. with your own food to heat up without feeling unwanted for doing so. The whole atmosphere of this underground place is comfort and chillness. the art on the walls inspire creativity and the vibes of the cafe create for productivity and positivity (because the staff are so great).

Vanier-Lamoureux connection bridge.

If you just need a sofa to sit on to study, try the Vanier-Lamoureux connection bridge. It’s usually very quiet and calm so you are able to get your stuff done. This bridge is rather darker and creates a quiet and intimate vibe for people who sit there. There are more classes in this bridge compares to the Simard-Hamelin connection, meaning there might be more passer-buyers. Nonetheless, it’s still a greatly neglected space for studying during class times.

Simard-Hamelin connection bridge.

The same thing as the other connection bridge above, this area has more space and light to do some reading or typing. The couches in this area are so long that anyone can take a quick nap. Morning, afternoon, or night, this area is never full. This space is great for students who enjoy seeing the outside world. The connection has enormous windows facing the green wall of Simard.

Cafe Ecologica in Lamoureux.

This cafe literally has a multitude of chairs, bars, tables and couches for you to have a serene and calm studying place. Not to mention, the cafe has a variety of foods and snacks to choose from that are perfect for multitasking studying. Here is a secret: if you go into the locker room within the cafe you will find a maze of spots to sit and do your thang. You will have to scavenge for little chairs and bars within the locker room, but it’s so worth it because literally, no one will bother you.

Vanier (Empty computer rooms).

We all know that if you don’t have a computer you go to the computer labs in the main library. But, you are actually allowed to enter the Vanier computer labs to do some work as long as there is no teacher or class taking place. The space in these computer desks is immense. Students are able to use the computers or simply just sit there to study and write notes. This space is perfect if you are the type of student that needs a big screen for powerpoints and writes their notes by hand because of the big desk space.

Julien Couture Ressource Center (Hamelin 1st floor).

You have 100% passed this place multiple times without actually entering and finding out what it was. This languages resource centre is a mini library where you can use computers, print, read and do group work. It is equipped with 12 computers, 2 study rooms, tables and couches for your studying needs. The 2 study rooms are equipped with whiteboards and enough space for group work. One of the study rooms is equipped with a TV for viewing and laptop connection. Just make sure you don’t bring any food and that you are silent for test takers.

Pérez (anywhere really).

The building is surprisingly very quiet (as it is home to the music department). The darker vibes of the building make it a relaxed atmosphere for anyone to get their studying done. The building is rarely full of people so students can also enjoy simply studying or reading on floors without getting weird stares and glares.

Church study room.

The church behind Cafe Nostalgica and in front of the Second Cup is generous in giving university students a place to study, eat and chill. They are equipped with multiple couches, tables, as well as a microwave to heat up your food. The central location of this comfy study spot is ideal for students who need to go to class throughout the day and need a place to munch on their snacks. In case students need nearby takeout or coffee, don’t worry, as mentioned before, the church is near to the campus Cafe Nostalgica, second cup, as well as a vegetarian restaurant. Studying on an empty stomach is a no-no and the church is great in accommodating the needs of students and are nice enough to share their space with fellow Geegees.

Finding new places on campus to study is key to change up routines and to inspire new types of productivities. Although the main library is great, it’s not all that the campus has to offer for study spaces. There are more spaces to discover and students shouldn’t be afraid to enter into new buildings. Hopefully, with the new Learning Center and newly built buildings on campus, this will bring about new places for students to accomplish their work and to be able to relax during their crazy days.



I’m a 3rd-year International Development student at the University of Ottawa.

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