The most loathed and complained about classes at the University of Ottawa tend to be in Business, Accounting, and Engineering programs, however, we will discuss a few more to be helpful to students of all programs, or even those just looking to choose their electives wisely.

Before diving into this, know that no matter the level of difficulty, you can tackle any of these! You are a boss, and you will succeed, as long as you are passionate! You will knock courses off the shelf as fast as you were pounding shots back last Saturday, but with a happier ending. Here at OneClass, we believe in you! Here are 11 of the Hardest classes at University of Ottawa!

1. GEG3312 – Advanced GIS

The first most difficult course at uOttawa is Advanced GIS. It’s so difficult, that no one even talks about it because we would all be happier if it was a thing that just didn’t exist. If you can pass reading the course description on this one, then you’ve got a head start! This third year geography course is not for the faint hearted and you definitely have to go in headstrong! Unless of course you have just always loved “advantages and limitations of various spatial interpolation techniques” and “map algebra”. Anyway, if you’re even considering this one, good on you chap, you’re already classified as a freaking genius and you haven’t even enrolled yet, well done, *pats back*.


2. PHY4346 – General Relativity

Concepts like “spacetime” can sound really cool, and you might start thinking that a course in general relativity is going to be like Doctor Who met up with your favourite starship captain. At this point, you might be thinking you’re the number one in physics. But in reality, your dreamboat is going to get photon torpedoed with a stellar mass of equations and proofs. Make sure not to fall behind, or you might find yourself wishing a loop in time could save you in the exams.


3. LIN1300 – What is Language?

Linguistics occupies a niche in the arts, and it weeds out the less than dedicated early. It will lure you in with a pie-in-the-sky course description, fun class discussions, and then whallop you when you forget the technical terms on an exam. All we can say is make sure you’re really interested in what sound an upside-down e (ə)  makes, and a whole range of other vowels you never knew existed.


4. ADM2303 – Statistics for Management

Business students at the University of Ottawa complain about this course so much that you will know this one is awful even if you are in a completely irrelevant faculty of study. If you do happen to be a business student you have no choice but to take this course, so mentally prepare yourself as soon as possible, even starting yesterday if you can. Organization, time management, and asking for extra help will be your key to success here. Be friends with your professor.


5. BCH4125 – Cellular Regulation and Control

Hormones are how cells are regulated in biological organisms. Unfortunately, they can also keep you distracted from reading the gigantic textbook. Not to mention the demanding labwork. We have to tell you, this one is going to be tricky. Keep your eye on the prize and your head in the game, and you’ll be sending yourself all the right signals.


6. PHY2361 – Modern Physics

This course can be a lot of fun. It’s where you start to get into the funky side of physics. You’ll also learn that there’s a lot more to Schroedinger’s equation than knowing the cat is both inside the box, and not. Sometimes you’ll feel like everything is clicking, sometimes you’ll feel totally lost. Take things piece by piece, making sure you’ve understood everything concretely, and we’re sure you’ll definitely pass.


7. ADM2381 – Business Communications Skills

Known as “Presentations” among peers, this course is also absolutely loathed by business students at the university of Ottawa. You will still hear them complaining about how difficult it was, even 2-3 years after graduation. Everyone wants to call the shots in business, but to get there, you’re going to have to showcase your big ideas. Keeping the right attitude in this class is the key to success.

8. ADM2304 – Applications of Statistical Methods in Business

Another tough course in management here, but for a very different reason. It’s going to be very wordy. Expect to go in to the science behind decision making. Way in. You will probably check at least a few times whether you’re in the right room, or if you accidentally stumbled into a mathematics class. There is an optional lab in this one, and we suggest you take it. It will help you balance the theory with practice, and hopefully raise your overall grade.


9. MAT1341 – Linear Algebra 

One of the early weeders for maths, this course is going to take you into the realm of complex numbers, and beyond. That place where values only exist as a relation between an ever changing set of variables. If you’ve found mathematics grounding for its stability, always giving giving a reliable anwer, you might be a little thrown off. Keep up with the course material, and you’ll find you can relate.

10. GEG3101 – Advanced Geomorphology

Geobiology and environmental geochemistry can be boring. Researching erosion patterns can make watching paint dry seem exciting. This course is where it becomes really noticable. You’ll learn about things like slope processes, fluvial erosion, and other exciting topics like sedimentation. Oh and the textbook is going to feel like you are bringing the geological formations with you to class. You can pass this one though, because we know you’re a rock star.


11. PHY4361 Applied Nuclear Physics

The good news is, compared to the amount of time it takes to create the material needed for a nuclear reaction, learning how one can be achieved is nothing. The bad news is, it’s still really, really, really, complicated. And that’s just the fission side of this course. You’ll also explore the possibility of fusion power, and more. There’s just kilotons of material you have to have ready for the exams. Keep your cool and don’t blow a fuse. We suggest taking this course when it’s offered later in the day, so you don’t have to be up and at-om too early.


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