Located in Room 02 in the pavilion Hamelin, the Julien Couture Resource Center is a hub of an abundance amount of tools and resources to help second language learners. The JCRC provides both teachers and students with a collection of resources for English and French teaching or learning. Along with the tools, the workers at the Center are students who are ready to offer help and advice for any student with interest in French or English learning and teaching. This centre is an amazing place for students to discover but is often neglected to be seen. In order to publicize the JCRC, here are a few things you can do at the Resource centre:

1.Find Language books to borrow 

The Center is equipped with a bunch of novels for French and English learners. Whether you are a Beginner or an Advanced student you are bound to find texts about grammar, reading and comprehension, composition, and vocabulary. If students want to borrow books and novels, there is a diverse selection of fiction novels that you can borrow for a week at a time. Whatever your interests or hobbies you might be able to find a book that will capture your gaze and help you in learning English or French.


2.Study quietly 

Simply put, having a place to study quietly on campus is a necessity for all students. The JCRC is a wonderful area for students you need a place to study, read, or write. Because it’s somewhat of a library you can expect low volumes and little distractions when you are trying to get your head in the study zone. Different areas in the centre caters to the different comforts for students to study in. For example, if you prefer love seats, they have some, or if you prefer studying at tables, the centre has that too.


3.Study with groups in the JCRC study rooms

The JCRC is lucky to have 2 study rooms available for student use or group work. Simply come into the centre and reserve your time slot. Groups/students can reserve the spaces for up to 3 hours and for a minimum of 30 minutes. The main study room is equipped with a TV that can be connected to your laptop for better viewing. Each study room also has whiteboards and markers so that students can map out projects and lists.


4.Go to a French conversation workshop

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) organizes both English and French conversation workshops. The French workshops take place at the JCRC. The levels range from beginner all the way to advanced. The workshops are geared towards students who are in ESL or FLS classes which is why priority spaces are given to those students but don’t be reluctant to come. More often than not, all students will be able to find a spot in the conversation workshops.


5.Use English learning or French learning resource books

Whether you are a Beginner or an Advanced student you are bound to find texts about grammar, reading and comprehension, composition, and vocabulary. Study with the textbooks used in FLS and ESL classes at ease in the JCRC. You can even find textbook resources you didn’t even know existed and that can help greatly improve your language skills.



6.Use the computers to complete any assignment 

The JCRC is equipped with 12 PC computers set with studio style headsets. You can get any type of work or extracurricular stuff done on these computers. If you don’t have a laptop, the great location of the JCRC is ideal. Unlike the main library, you are also sure to find an available computer. If you are wary of your French grammar, of the computers are also equipped with Antidote (a computer grammar and conjugation corrector).


7.Watch a movie 

Whether it’s English or French, You will be able to find a wide selection of DVDs. You can either watch these DVDs for learning the languages or just for pleasure. Because the PC computers at the centre are already equipped with headsets and CD slots you can always view them there.


8.Complete language placement tests

If you are looking to get into a FLS or ESL class you will be asked to complete a placement test. Come to the centre to get those tests done! Since tests require oral production, the computer headsets have built-in microphones. Once you are done with the test, if you are eager to know your results, just go upstairs to the first floor of the same building to receive them. Getting the tests done at the JCRC is the most convenient place to complete them.




Can’t find a place to access both a Uottawa PC computer and printer? Just come to the JCRC. You are sure to get your printing done without any hassle. If you have your job ready to be printed through the UOttawa printing system, you can quickly access your jobs in the resource centre.  The wonderful placement and accessibility of the resource centre makes it easy to print your stuff on the way to class. If you need help, receptionists are glad to do so.


As mentioned above, there are tons of things you can get done in the Julien Couture Resource Centre. You might always pass it, but this place is a treasure waiting to be discovered. If you have any questions or concerns make sure to ask the receptionist. They are always glad to lead you in the right direction or to give advice in order to improve your academics. You can even check out their website for even more online resources and tips:  https://ilobcrjc.wordpress.com/autre/dvds/esl/



I’m a 3rd-year International Development student at the University of Ottawa.

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