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5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Visual Arts Class at UOttawa

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Are you looking to find an elective to add to your class schedule? Are you scavenging for a class that will teach you skills beyond the course content? Visual Arts courses are a great choice for risk-taking students. If you are not a student within that field, you are not restricted from accessing the course options in the visual arts department. Many students think that they aren't allowed to enrol in a VA course but that is not the case. In fact, it is encouraged to take a VA course because of the 5 reasons listed below:


Making art projects and learning new techniques requires great concentration. If you are the type of student who feels they lack the discipline to stay on one task, taking a visual arts course will help hone your concentration abilities. You learn to block out distractions when you are trying to complete an assignment. Even class time requires concentration, so if you are the type to doze off when a teacher is speaking for 1.5 hours visual arts courses will teach you how to put your brain in the right mindset for your lectures.

Unleashing your creative animal

Let's all admit it, sometimes regular courses can make you feel constricted. Other math and science courses are very strict in terms of guidelines and the different steps you need to take to complete work. If you are the type of student who feels trapped in the same academic box, taking a visual arts course will unleash the creative animal in you. The courses are very freeing and mind-opening.

Enjoying time to yourself

Depending on your program, you might have to do a lot of group study sessions and group projects in order to succeed in your different classes. With visual arts courses, you finally get that time alone and you can finally depend on yourself to get you the grades you want. Sometimes students just need a little "me" time and time to reflect. It's a time to relax and free yourself from your regular schedule and surroundings.

Learn new techniques and learn to appreciate new perspectives

Artists who stick to specific techniques and find themselves repeating the same things over and over again might want to check out a general visual arts class. For one, you can learn new techniques and styles of artistry to combine to your works. Secondly, since you are being exposed to different types of styles you learn to appreciate differences and new subjectivities. Learning and accepting new perspectives can be really useful in everyday life especially when you are confronted with completely opposite views from your own.

It's the cool thing to do

Let's be real knowing how to make art is pretty damn cool. Honestly, you don't have to be an amazingly talented artist to take visual arts classes. If you are willing to learn and willing to experiment, you will be happy in the class. By the end, you will be able to continue to create new pieces and projects (who knows where your newfound skills will take you). You can also show off your works to fellow friends and family to show them how cool and alternative you are. So.... are you convinced yet? Many students need a break from regular courses and prescribed teaching techniques. You might be doing yourself a favour when enrolling in a VA course because of all the new skills and health benefits it might provide. Go on and take a new avenue within visual arts. It's an experience you will not forget or regret.


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