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On any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night at Pitt you are guaranteed to meet a whole slew of young, fun, and only sometimes reckless, students who are all looking to unwind after yet another stressful week. Below are the top 10 types of people you’re gonna meet if you stroll through South Oakland during any weekend!


1. The Yeller

You can hear them coming from three blocks away, talking about normal, meaningless topics as if they were direly important. Maybe they’re trying to be heard by the pack leader all the way up at the front or maybe they think they see their Bio 0150 study buddy across the street…either way, anyone from Meyran to S. Bouquet can hear them.


2. The Eager, Party-Seeking Freshman

Any upper-classman can spot this one from a mile away. Usually traveling in a massive group, these people are bold and never ashamed to ask strangers if they know any parties or if they can join their quaint, porch party. Relentless, they don’t tend to go away until you give them a fake address somewhere across the Boulevard.


3. The Wanderer

The lonely guy who couldn’t convince any of his friends to rally but decides to go out anyways. He wanders from street to street searching for a house that’ll let him in or a group that resembles his own friend group to adopt him for the night.


4. The “I Just Need…” Girl Gang

Whether it’s McDonald’s, Sorento’s, Frenchie’s, or water these girls are very clear, to the whole block, about what they need in that exact moment in order to make it through the night. Can you blame them? Burgers, fries, pizza…what college kid wouldn’t need these essential vitamins and nutrients.


5. The Jersey-Wearing, Frat Boy Wannabes

You know the type…basketball jerseys, pastel-patterned shorts, Sperry’s, and white, Nike socks pulled halfway up their calves. They travel in a group, indistinguishable from one another, and hop from one club-sport party to the next. Usually, on a good night, they’ll stumble back to Towers with three Sorento’s Pizzas and a phone full of videos documenting their friends’ rap abilities.


6. The Cryer

It’s probably nothing. Ok, it might be something. There’s no way to really know whether her “best friend” made out with her #1 crush or she just really misses her dog but either way she’s publically upset outside of Rite Aid while her friends try and calm her down. You walk past wondering if she’s ok but also relating to her, on a deep, emotional level because…it’s college.


7. The Mom Friend

Every group of friends needs one of these if they intend on making it back to their respective dorms in one piece. The friend that yells stop when someone tries to run into traffic, the friend that shushes the group when walking past random adults, and, most importantly, the friend that ensures everyone is swiped in, tucked in, and fast asleep before she calls it a night.


8. The Forever Girlfriend

She was in front of you in the line for the bathroom at a house party and you bonded over the lack of “good” guys and the abundance of bad music you’ve endured over the last three hours. Before you know it, you’re exchanging Snapchats and making plans to go to Market in the morning together. You don’t know it now but she’ll be your go-to for many weekends to come.


9. The Disappointed Crowd

With bored, sad faces they meander back through Tower’s Lobby to end their already uneventful night in their Twin XL beds with Netflix and a bag of chips.


10. The Tireless Party Animals

Three straight nights of partying till 4am have nothing on these folks and they are waiting impatiently to go out the next Thursday night on Sunday morning. Always down for a good time, they’re happily singing and taking selfies while they stroll down the streets of South O.

Regardless of who you meet, there’s bound to be an endless abundance of fun times and great memories to be made in South O ūüôā


Sofia Russo

I am a sophomore Biology student at the University of Pittsburgh with plans on going to medical school for pediatrics. I was born in northern Italy and have an active passion for the language and culture. I also love glow bowling, rainy movie days, and Candy Crush.

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