6. Ram Escape

Not that there’s anything wrong with the little stand in the basement of the union, it’s just kind forgotten most of the time. However, the perk is that it is rarely crowded.

5. Rhody Market

Great for a quick bite between classes, or a to go meal to bring back to your dorm for movie night, the Market next to Hope offers tasty personal pizzas, a wide variety of salads, and grab and go drinks, including smoothies and coffee, all for a single combo swipe.

4. Hope

Now here’s where it gets a little controversial. Living in Hillside, Hope is the farthest place for me to grab a meal, and I’ll be honest; I’m not always up for that walk. It does provide a very inclusive salad bar, as well as Fusion services, burgers fresh off the grill, and a homestyle menu changed daily.

3. Butterfield

Being only a 2 minute walk from my dorm is a huge perk, but the options at Butterfield are great too. A self serve waffle machine, made-to-order quesadillas, burritos and bowls, endless pizza, pasta and salad choices, and a daily menu that has options for everyone. Not to mention the soft serve ice cream every night 🙂

2. Anywhere in the Emporium

Though not technically a part of the dining services at URI, I can’t leave out the restaurants in the emporium. My personal favorite is the International Pocket Cafe, the site of many of our late night, post-a cappella rehearsal ice cream runs. However, the only downside to the array of choices at our fingertips here is that they actually cost real money, and we can’t just use our dining plan to pay for our meals.

1. Ram’s Den

And finally, number 1. I am most definitely a burger person. To me, the best burger on campus is located right within the Memorial Union, a convenient location no matter where you are on campus. The iGrill serves up awesome burgers, grilled cheeses, and BLT’s, or you can grab a sandwich or wrap from the deli. Also featured in the Ram’s Den is an excellent Asian-style restaurant with awesome dishes cooked to order, and the best part is that you get a meal and a drink, for the price of a combo swipe on your meal plan. Ram’s Den is definitely my favorite place to grab lunch, or an early dinner with my roommates.


Samantha Bloch

A freshman psych major at URI :)

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