All though URI has so many amazing things about it, and so many reasons to attend, it is also important to consider the negatives as well (as minor as they may be). These don’t end up being deal breakers for me, because the rest of my experience has been so amazing, but they might become too much for you. 

  1. The Hills

So much walking. Too much. We all wish the campus would be flat from time to time. Is that too much to ask for?

  1. The parking.

For such a big campus, you’d think they would have enough parking spots. Trust me, they don’t. It ends up taking me longer to walk to my car than to actually get to my destination.

  1. The paving

You’d think the hills would be a problem on their own, and you’d be right. But add in a few larger-than-life potholes, and you really have an issue, not to mention a safety hazard.

4. Planning decorations for certain buildings.

Can I just mention the “2012” embellishment that extends past the end of the wall on the new building next to the Center for Biotechnical and Life Sciences? Like, this is a school with an engineering program. You couldn’t plan any better?

  1. The noise

There’s always someone yelling about throwing a pie in someone’s face to raise money for some philanthropy cause, or people screaming at all hours of the nights, a reason to keep your windows closed.

6. Sakkai

If there is this huge service that caters to every single student in the school, it might be nice if it wouldn’t crash every dau.

  1. The football team

‘Nuff said.

8. Lines

There are so many people on campus, that you would expect there to be super long lines at dining halls, Dunkin, or the mail room, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it.

  1. Winter

Whoever said the world is getting warmer hasn’t visited Rhode Island in January. It’s enough to make someone want to bundle up in their dorm room all day, and not go to any of their classes.

  1. The price

You may be getting your worth of fun and education for the price, but come on. It couldn’t cost less than an arm and a leg (and probably a kidney)?


Samantha Bloch

A freshman psych major at URI :)

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