1. Registered Nursing

University of Rhode Island offers a baccalaureate nursing program. It is to prepare these students with knowledge, professional background, and hands on training to become an RA. Graduates of the program will be mature, well educated, and ready for the field of nursing. This is one of the popular majors.

To be considered for this program, as a freshman one must have a minimum of  a 3.00 GPA and pass all of the courses (BIO 121, 242, 244, CHM 103, 124, NUR 100, WRT 104 or 106) with a minimum of a C in each class.

2. General Psychology

Behavioral science, clinical, and school psychology are programs that URI offers. There are a few areas that a student studying this can further specialize: health psychology, research methodology, child/developmental/family; multicultural psychology; or psychopathology. Behavioral science  students are expected to be engaged in research for a small part of their program.  There are different requirements and different expectations for the field of psychology chosen.

3. Rhetoric

Rhetoric writing is designed for college students who seek to expand their repertoire of writing for audiences, and work in public and private settings. The work is balanced between in a classroom setting and experiential fieldwork in a real-world environment. Once graduated from this program, one will have a strong background in writing and  practices much like professional writers. MUST obtain 30  including the core courses of WRT 201, 235, 360, 490, and 495. Acceptable substitutions for WRT 490 are WRT 435, 484, or 512. 

4.  Kinesiology

This is a Bachelor of Science degree and it is really popular at URI. A student with this major can graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and then go to grad school to become a Physical Therapist. The major is designed for people who plan to pursue careers in exercise, including being physical education teacher education. Graduates can pursue a career in health care.

student trying out equipment, breathing is being recorded and heart rate while walking treadmill
Kinesiology on hands practice

These programs are the most popular majors at URI. They are competitive, and challenging but obtainable. URI also offers a lot of academic support, such as mentors, peer and professor tutors and the writing center where individuals can seek help with their writing one-on-one.



Kristi S. Castellone

Hi my name is kristi. I am from the University Of Rhode Island currently studying Criminology. I enjoy working out, the outdoors, sports, and writing of course. Read my blogs to learn more about my school and college!

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