Are you bored in between classes? Do you commute? You just do not feel like sitting in your dorm? Here are five simple ideas one can do in between class times:

1.Go Play Frisbee on the quad.   

The quad is a nice place to just lay down on the grass on a nice, sunny day and do homework instead of sitting in a building. But, instead of just laying on the grass, why not get a group together and play Frisbee? There is so much space in the quad that a whole group can play Frisbee while they wait for their next class and have some fun!

2.  Go fora walk behind Keany gym

Behind the gym, there is a lot of woods and scenery, if you even just walk around the campus you will find some new views of nature. On a nice day, you see a lot of birds and pretty flowers since the University is in the urban part of Rhode Island, it’s a nice way to spend time.

3.  Explore different dorm buildings

If you live on campus you have access to any dorm building with a swipe of your student ID card. Go explore different dorm buildings see what they look like, maybe you will like one for next year that you can request  to live in.

4. Try the gym

Mackal Gym is located next to health services, It is the newest gym built at the University. The gym has two full rooms of cardio machines, and a smaller weight room with machines on the first floor. When you go downstairs it is ALL weight lifting and machines. There are punching bags down there, and newer equipment. If you love fitness or want to get in shape this a good time to spend the time.

5. Going to the emporium 

The emporium has a lot of shops. Coffee shops, drug stores, Chinese restaurants, and a lot of other shops. It is located on campus, so take a walk down there and go to a store or grab some food other than cafeteria food!

If any of these ideas fit you, go ahead and try them. Hopefully, it will benefit people to do something at URI instead of waiting around for classes.

Kristi S. Castellone

Hi my name is kristi. I am from the University Of Rhode Island currently studying Criminology. I enjoy working out, the outdoors, sports, and writing of course. Read my blogs to learn more about my school and college!

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