For college students who are always up and rearing to go, being cooped up in a  dorm room with no idea of what to do can get quite boring, and even stressful! Of course, as college students, you are typically loaded with homework and studying, however, sitting around at your desk can get old fast. Luckily, the University of Rhode Island has an extensive campus with some great ways to keep you going and out of your stuffy dorm room.

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1. Venture to the Library

If you are finding yourself drowning in homework and studying, or even just looking for a new spot to curl up and watch Netflix, the library is a great place to do it. URI offers a wonderful library with many study rooms and lounges, including a twenty-four hour room if you prefer to study after hours. Make your way up to the third floor for a quiet, more private study space, or make yourself comfortable on a couch in the foyer of Robert Carothers Library!

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2. Take a study break and hit the gym

Working out can be a huge stress reliever and is, of course, the healthiest way to keep you busy. Take some time out of your day to gear up for the gym. Whether it be a quick 20 minute walk on the treadmill, a weight lifting session, or taking a class offered by the Anna Fascitelli Fitness and Wellness center, a quick workout will leave you refreshed and ready to get back to the books.

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3. Grab a Coffee

Taking a walk across campus with some friends to grab a coffee makes for a nice change of scenery and provides a tasty treat giving you energy to push on the rest of the day. The University of Rhode Island offers a number of grab and go coffee venues including a Dunkin’ Donuts located in the Memorial Union as well as in CBLS, along with grab-and-go Pete’s coffee available in the Rhody Market or the Union. Grab yourself a drink and a bagel, take a seat, and enjoy a little you time.

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4. Visit the Emporium

URI is lucky enough to be housed right beside the Kingston Emporium. If you are up for the walk across campus, visiting this small shopping center can be a great break in your day. Grab a bagel at “Bagelz”, or shop for some discounted URI gear at the apparel store.

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5. Beach Trip

If you or a friend has a car on campus, a trip to one of the local Narragansett beaches  can be a great weekend get away. URI is located within ten to fifteen minutes from a number of beaches including Narragansett Town Beach, and Scarborough State Beach.

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The University of Rhode Island campus has, and is located near, many great places to adventure and take a study break! Take a trip out of your dorm and go explore the wonderful things that URI has to offer.


Maggie O'Brien

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