The University of Rhode Island is lucky enough to be surrounded by many great restaurants. Quite a few of the popular eateries in and around Narragansett, RI are home to “only in Rhode Island” dishes and drinks, leaving them a must try for out-of-staters. Next time you venture off campus or visit the college town for a bite to eat, skip the applebee’s run and try out these awesome restaurants!

1. Iggy’s

This unique to Rhode Island chowder house is home to some of the most famous ocean state meals. Serving up their famous Iggy’s doughboys, clam cakes, and clam chowder Iggy’s is the place to be. With lines out the door in the summer it is one the of the most popular spots in RI.

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2. Charlie O’s

All URI students will have something great to say about this Rhody sports bar in Narragansett. Most will go to Charlie O’s for a fun night out or even for a URI sports game viewing party. Their great menu and awesome atmosphere makes for an exciting night out with your friends any day.

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3. Mews Tavern

Located in Wakefield, the Mews is only about a ten minute drive from URI‘s Kingston Campus. A great hangout for any college student, this tavern houses 3 bars and a great dining room. Their extensive menu includes fresh seafood, meat, pizza, pasta and much more.

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4. Gansett Wraps

This small, family owned restaurant serves up fantastic, homemade wraps, salads, and pizzas. Whether you’re in the mood for a sit down lunch, or need a fast grab-and-go meal Gansett wraps is the place to do it. Serving up always fresh and homemade food, this option will leave your belly full and your body happy.

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5. Trio

Although Trio is a bit on the higher end of the price stick, it is a great restaurant for a date or a romantic, calm night out. It is located in downtown Narragansett within minutes from the town beach. This prime spot, combined with their very tasty menu makes them a great restaurant to check out.

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Narragansett and it’s surround areas are home to great restaurants exemplifying the great taste of the ocean state. Next time you are out make sure to check out one of these awesome restaurants. And, of course, be sure to order a coffee milk while your there. You are in Rhode Island, after all.


Maggie O'Brien

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