Every college student needs activities to keep them busy aside from their demanding school work. From playing sports to participating in volunteer work, the University of Rhode Island provides many great ways to get involved on and around campus!

1. Intramural Sports

Oh yes, the famous intramural sports that every college student hears about. Here at URI intramurals are an awesome way to stay active, meet new people, and have fun. Registration is easy, just form your team and register for the sports you’d like to participate in! Sports include basketball,  volleyball, football, soccer and many more.



2. Club Sports

If you’d like a more serious sports option, joining a club sports team is the way to go. Some needing no experience at all to join, URI club sports make it super easy to get involved and stay active. Joining a club team teaches great discipline and time management along with being a great way to make new friends and be part of a close knit team.

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3. Greek Life

Approximately 20% of URI‘s undergraduate population is involved in the 23 different sororities and fraternities on campus. Being involved in greek life is a great way to keep active on campus as well as have a great group of friends. Each fraternity and sorority focuses on a specific philanthropy, or charity, to raise money for throughout the year. Greek life is one of the best ways to get involved while making a difference in the community.

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4. Student Government/Senate

The University of Rhode Island offers a student government consisting of a large student senate who represent the entire student body to the faculty and administration. In addition, the senate plays a role in overseeing student organizations and raising funds. Student Government is the thing to do if you’d like to play a larger role in the bettering of URI for the entire student body.

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5. Volunteer Work

URI offers volunteer opportunities in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. There are many options for how you chose to participate whether it be traveling for mission work or simply fundraising for the organization.

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The University of Rhode Island knows that involvement is very important on a college campus. They provide endless ways for students to keep themselves busy, make friends, and do good for the community. Check out some of these awesome clubs, sports and groups! Go Rhody!



Maggie O'Brien

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