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The University of Rhode Island attracts students from around the world. Students can take a variety of classes during their time at the University of Rhode Island. Some of these classes are hard while others are much easier:

1. CHM 103 – Introductory Chemistry

Get the final exam study guide for CHM 103


2. BPS 313 – Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Get the final exam study guide for BPS 313

3. PSY 113 – General Psychology

Get PSY 113 course notes on OneClass.

4. MTH 142 – Intermediate Calculus with Analytic Geometry

Get the complete MTH 142 Final Exam study guide.


5. HIS 180 – Introduction to Latin America Civilization

Get the HIS 180 textbook notes on OneClass


6. SOC 100 – General Sociology

Get the entire set of SOC 100 notes and study guides

7. RLS 131 – Introduction to Asian Philosophies and Religions

Get the complete set of RLS 131 Notes and Study Guides

8. STA 220 – Statistics in Modern Society

Find STA 220 notes and study guides & other courses on OneClass

9. COM 100 – Communications Studies

Get notes and study guides for COM 100 – Communications Studies

10. NFS 2017 – Nutrition and Food Sciences

Get NFS 2017 Notes and study guides




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