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It can get boring eating at the dining halls on campus every single day, three meals a day. Sometimes you just have to eat off campus. Here are some other places to go if you just want something new/

1. Han Noodle Bar 

The noodles here are absolutely phenomenal. The portions are huge and it’s guaranteed you won’t leave this place hungry! What’s also nice is that it’s located on Monroe Avenue, which you have easy access to if you take the Brown Line. Although the bus stop is not right in front of the restaurant, it’s a short walk there. If noodles are not really your thing, they also have excellent homemade dumplings as well as a variety of other Asian dishes. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, this restaurant is available on Dorm Dash as well.

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2. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Oh my gosh, there are just no words to describe this restaurant. The food here is just so good. And this is coming from a Texan! You MUST get their mac and cheese if you get nothing else. And their cornbread is really good too! Luckily for you, everyone else seems to think so as well because Dinosaur Bar-B-Que caters a lot of events at the University of Rochester.

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3. Jay’s Diner

If you want a real diner experience, you must go to Jay’s Diner. It’s completely legit and of course, if you go to a diner, you have to get a milkshake. You will not regret getting their chocolate milkshake. The environment here is just great The portions are ginormous so make sure you come on an empty stomach!

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4. Pita

Not sure if this restaurant really counts as “off-campus” since it’s right in College Town, but the food here is cheap and good so what else do you need? If you like falafels, head over to Pita! And it’s really easy to get to so there’s really no excuse to not go.

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5. Domino’s

Of course, Domino’s Pizza has to make the list, you’re not a REAL college student if you don’t order pizza every once in a while. The best thing about ordering pizza is you don’t even really have to leave your dorm to get it! You just order it, go down and get it, and eat it in your room! This is for when you’re feeling especially lazy or you’re just feeling pizza. Honestly, you don’t need an excuse to get Domino’s because there’s never a wrong time!

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Of course, there are so many other amazing restaurants to try off-campus but these 5 options are great places to start off. There’s no shortage of good restaurants in Rochester, as long as you’re willing to look around.


Christina Kersten

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