1. Orange is your Kryptonite…

The color orange makes you vomit. Owning anything orange will basically get you cast out. Seeing those who bare the color orange makes you feel the utmost pride in your alma mater because when your blood runs garnet and black there is nothing that can stop you or your fellow gamecocks.

2. When you hear someone call garnet any shade of red that isn’t garnet, you question all of humanity…

When you look through all of the Under Armor shirts at Russell and you hear someone comment on the cute red shirt that’s at minimum sixty dollars; you do a double take and mentally tell them they do not even deserve to be on this campus. Why are you even here?

3. The countdown to football season is always happening…

Whether it’s the last game of the season or the next game is only a week a way, a mental countdown is always the first thing on your mind. When we play that last game against that school that shall not be named, the annual countdown to the next football game next fall begins. A year is more than enough time to get some R&R for next season.

4. You can’t look outside without sweating…

This is the reason why Columbia is called the armpit of South Carolina. It gets HOT. It doesn’t matter how much sweat proof makeup women apply or how much cologne men spray; sweat-streaked faces and BO are going to happen. There is not stopping it. It is the price you pay for going to the best school in the whole world.

5. All this construction and still no parking…

At any given time of the year there is construction happening on campus. It could be a new office building, dorm rooms that replaced a whole parking lot, or road construction. With all these new buildings comes more people, with cars. If you have even heard of USC, you have heard of how much of a pain parking can be. We have all pulled illegal road stunts at one point or another to get that one parking spot that we thank our lucky stars opened up right as we passed. But wait…a parking meter will only last five hours? What if I have class all day and can’t make it across campus to pay for more hours. There is always option B, a parking ticket. That bright orange ticket that boads ill for your already low bank account. Depending on where you get your parking ticket, it could be anywhere from five to twenty-five dollars. If a parking ticket isn’t your thing, there is always Bull St. garage. At one dollar per hour, Bull St. offers a three deck array of parking spots. Not taking any liability for stolen or damaged goods, you have a good chance of getting a parking spot between seven and ten in the morning. Anytime after ten, good luck. You will spend most of your time driving up and down waiting for a space to open, it was probably a better idea just to skip class that day.

6. Flooding…

For all of you that live in the Lofts or know anyone who lives in the Lofts, or follow DrinkingTicket on Twitter; you know what I’m talking about. That’s not the only place that floods. Despite the floods that his back in October 2015, flooding normally doesn’t get that serious if you know what places to avoid.

7. Drinking Ticket…

Image result for drinking ticket

The Twitter account @DrinkingTicket is a life saver. Is there an accident on your way to class? Drinking Ticket got you. Is there a small flood between you leaving work/school and your bed? Drinking Ticket is on it. With pictures sent in from other students and citizens of Columbia, Drinking Ticket has the latest updates about road conditions (accidents, floods, etc), USC updates (closings due to weather), bar specials, local news, anything that is happening that we want to know about, Drinking Ticket has got our back.

8. Cocky

Image result for Cocky

Cocky the Mascot is at every single sporting event on campus. He his the heart and soul of USC’s team spirit. Having won numerous awards, Cocky is the essence of USC pride.

9. Tripping bricks…

Image result for Tripping bricks

You’re walking down the historical horseshoe and all of a sudden you trip, gracelessly steady yourself, and tell yourself that no one saw you trip. What did those bricks do to you? Nothing. They are the metaphor of the old man yelling at kids to get off their lawn. These bricks have been here for longer than we have and they’re salty about it. No offense though.

10. Harris Pastides

The President of the school has been here for almost eight years. He sends out encouraging emails when tragedy strikes, he wishes us a happy summer, and this shows that he really cares about the student body. You know this name if you go to USC.


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