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Registration can seem pretty daunting…

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Okay, very daunting. It’s a stressful process for anyone. There’s a million things running through your head once that clock strikes midnight and if you’re not prepared, it can make things even more stressful. So what can you do to make sure the process is a breeze?


1. Write the classes you need to take on paper.

It’s easy to put off making your schedule for coming semesters, especially if you haven’t the slightest idea of where to start. Before you even check on the dates, times, and professors for your classes, write down what all you need to take, including any FKL’s or basic requirements. Make sure to write courses that aren’t your first choice to give yourself some wiggle room in case spots fill up on registration day. It can happen, so don’t rule everything else out if you can’t get your first choices.

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2. Use the Course Planner and Class Schedule Search on Oasis.

This is essential. The course planner is new and gives you more convenience when looking for classes. You can search for courses and have them on hand once registration begins for easy access. It also gives you an opportunity to create potential schedules and even has an option to block out certain hours of the day so you don’t conflict with work or other activities throughout the week… or if perhaps you simply wish to block out the early hours of the day. Not everyone’s an early bird. Also be sure to look at your options for classes to find the professors you want!

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3. Meet with your advisor.

Some may not have the time or opportunity to do this, but if you can, try your best to set up an appointment with your major advisor on eScheduler for some advice on which classes you should register for in the next semester. They can help you with requirements, and pacing for your courses so you don’t end up behind in any one subject. You aren’t required to use the advice they give you, but they recommend the best options and overall give very helpful advice. Never underestimate the opportunities you are given, especially since they’re free.

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4. Be on time!

The last thing you want to do is fall asleep or miss your chance to register at the earliest opportunity. Look on Oasis for your scheduled registration time and be sure you have no holds on your account, and if you do have holds due to a necessary advising appointment or funding complications or otherwise, get these lifted ASAP. Once you have these holds cleared, most importantly, set that alarm or be prepared to stay up till midnight to register!

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5. Be persistent.

It can be discouraging if your desired class fills up quicker than expected, or you don’t have the opportunity to register at an earlier date. This is why you must always keep checking back at these courses on Course Planner and Class Schedule Search. People change their schedules often and once they drop a class, a spot will open up and you don’t want to miss it! Refresh the page as often as you can and never give up. And of course, make sure you create that backup schedule and register for other classes just in case those spots don’t open up.

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Registration can seem like a major hassle in the grand scheme of things, but as long as you prepare in advance and don’t put it off, the process runs a lot smoother. If you don’t get those first choice classes or professors though just remember, there are plenty of amazing professors at USF and you’re sure to stumble upon a class you’re bound to enjoy. Good luck, and happy registering!



Brittany Easler

Just a freshman trying to get through college like the rest of 'em.

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