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College professors; you either love em’ or you hate em’. And while you can wish on a million shooting stars to have all fabulous professors, the painful truth is that you’re gonna end up with at least one bad teacher. Here are the five most common professors you’ll encounter at USF.

1. The One that Never Shows Up to Class

The professor is there for the first couple of days to go over the syllabus, class expectations, and assignments. Then, they vanish, never to be seen again. In their place, a Teaching Assistant. You start to wonder if you imagined the professor, a lack-of-sleep-fueled hallucination. You and your friends walk past your professor on the sidewalk, and your friend whispers, “Wait, was that him?” But none of you know. The professor becomes somewhat of a legend in your class, a mythological beast you and your peers make stories about. Then on the last day of class the professor is actually there and you walk in like:


2. The One that Doesn’t Enter Any Grades

Technically, the professors aren’t required to enter grades on Canvas, but the majority of them do. It’s nice to know how you did on a test or what your overall grade in the class is! But beware; some teachers don’t enter any grades, or wait until the last day of classes to do so. You’re left completely in the dark, not knowing if you have an A or a F. If you want to know what score you got on your essay or what your grade is in the class, you’ll have to go to their office or wait until the end of the semester. It’s super inconvenient and annoying.


3. The One that Cancels Class All the Time

This is one of those times where you either love it or hate it, depending on your professor and the kind of student you are. If your class is at 7:30 in the morning and you were up late, or you’re just not a morning person, then a cancelled class might make your whole day. If final exams are in one week and you really needed to go to class and get a bit more help, then you might not be too happy about class getting cancelled. There’s nothing better than getting an extra hour of sleep, but there’s nothing worse than waking up, getting completely ready, going to class, and then finding out class was cancelled. What gave it away, the empty room?



4. The Easy Professor

Most students like this type of professor. This instructor is easy going, doesn’t make you buy expensive textbooks, and gives points for completion, not accuracy. They may not necessarily teach well, but they make the quizzes and tests easy enough to pass. Their class is an easy A, and that’s why students take it.


5. The Coolest Person You’ll Ever Meet

This is the best professor you are going to have at USF. You will remember them as your favorite teacher. This type of professor is a great at teaching, makes the class/subject interesting and enjoyable, emails back quickly, and actually puts things that were taught on the tests. They are funny, sympathetic, understanding, and overall just a really cool, chill person. These types are rare and hard to find, but if you’re lucky you might just be blessed with an amazing professor.



For a better chance at getting the type of professor you want, check out in order to find out a little more about the instructors at USF! Real students with real experiences rate the professors they’ve had, so you can find out how difficult the professor/class is, if they’re good at teaching, and other opinions about the professor from the students. As always, go Bulls!


Brittany Junkins

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