Every university has unique rules and different “do’s and don’ts.” Whatever college you choose to attend, it’s important to know these rules! The University of South Florida has its own set of do’s and don’ts every student should be aware of. These are the five most important things USF students should NEVER do!

1. Don’t be a Hermit

You are going to meet people like this in college. You rarely ever see them and never actually know if they’re even in the dorm or not! These people would rather sit in their dorm rooms all day than go out and socialize. If you sit inside your room 24/7 and only leave to go to class, you’re not going to meet new people. College is the best years of your life, so make some friends and live it up!


2. Don’t Step on any USF Seal

There are a few USF seals around campus that all students should avoid treading on. The seal in the picture has a barrier around it to keep people from walking on it, but most of the seals around campus don’t have ropes surrounding them. It is seen as disrespectful to the university to step on the seal, and it’s even thought to be bad luck to step on them! There’s an old superstition that says if you step on the seal, you won’t graduate!


3. Don’t Stand on the Bull Statues

If you go to USF or are planning on choosing USF as your future home, then I’m sure you know about the iconic bull statues in front of the Marshall Student Center. There’s an old story, more a myth really, about a student who wanted to get a picture taken on one of the bull statues in front of the Marshall Student Center. The student climbed on top of the bull, stood up on it, and fell straight through, destroying the statue. The student then had to pay thousands of dollars in order to have the statue replaced. Rumor is the statues are hollow inside, and that’s why the student fell through. But don’t worry, it’s safe to sit on the bulls! You won’t cause any damage, and you’ll be able to take a classic USF bull-riding picture.


4. Don’t Anger the Geese!

This couple rules the park behind Juniper Poplar. They may look cute and cuddly, but don’t approach them! They are both in a permanent bad mood. If approached, quite like a bear, either stand completely still until the coast is clear, or play dead. Don’t get in their way unless you want to get jumped by two angry geese.


5. Don’t Wear UCF Gear (Duh!)

If you’re already a student at the University of South Florida, then you know about the major rivalry between USF and UCF. If you’re thinking about coming to USF, then you need to know the unspoken rule; DON’T WEAR UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA GEAR! It doesn’t matter if you’re from Orlando, it doesn’t matter if your boyfriend goes to UCF, it doesn’t even matter if you transferred from UCF to USF; don’t wear UCF gear. Unless, of course, you WANT to be stared at, given mean looks, and probably booed.



Now that you know the five major don’ts of being a student at the University of South Florida, try not to do them! Hopefully these tips will help you if you didn’t already know them. If you know a friend who is planning on studying at USF, warn them of the don’ts, or send them this article! As always, go Bulls!


Brittany Junkins

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