The main building at University of Southampton

University of Southampton is a huge place for students to explore many college cafes on campus. You can check out a new café or restaurant every day to try out something new. However, there are restaurants near campus as well, but because of a lot of variety within the campus, you do not have to step out often.

1. Boldrewood Café

counter view of boldrewood cafe

If you want to get a hot snack and a cup of coffee to study in the morning, then this is the best place. There are packaged snacks as well such as sandwiches, bagels, patties, and other items which you can try. Along with that, you can either eat at the café or order as a takeaway to eat in the class. You do not have to go hungry to the class and starve yourself rather stop by this café for the quick eatery.

2. Café 38

student selecting food items from the showcase

When you are in a hurry to the class, then this should be your quick stop. You can grab a coffee, salad, snacks, cold drinks and much more at this café. It is a grab and goes café for you where you do not have to wait but rather get something to eat on the way to your class.

3. WSA Café

serving of tea at WSA cafe

This is a colorful café of the campus. You can try a variety of coffees and teas at this café with amazing snacks. There are homemade food items as well such as peanut butter sandwiches, desserts and much more to try with the hot beverages.

4. Piazza

Delicious pizza serving

Find the best pizza on the campus from this restaurant. If you are craving for delicious and hot pizza made out of chicken or beef, here it is for you. You can place the order and get the serving within ten minutes. The amazing food is fresh with a variety of other options like fries, burgers, drinks and much more.

5. Terrace Restaurant

sitting area for students at terrace-restaurant

Find the authentic taste of Asian and Mexican dishes here. If you’re missing the homemade food and its aroma, you will get it here as you arrive. The dishes are traditional along with desserts and other vegetarian food items to try.

6. Arlott

serving of fried cod and fries in a plate

If you wish to go to a fancy dining restaurant with your loved one on the campus, then this is your place. You can get the combination of modern and classic cuisines here such as fried cod, quinoa, beans dish and much more.

7. Interchange Kiosk

Students purchasing food items at interchange kiosk

If you feel like having hot coffee in the morning but do not have enough time then go to the interchange kiosk. This is a great place for grab and goes so you do not get late to the class. Even during hot summers, you can get fresh juices from this place so you can stay active all day long.

Taking care of your health is your duty to make sure that you reach out to the places on the campus to eat well. There are a lot of options by the campus administration, so you have to pick the best one for yourself and enjoy.

Mariam Jabeen

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