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Restaurants and Cafes in or near USM

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Nazia Jabeen
14 Jan 2019
5 min read

Different varieties of restaurants that bring the tastes of different countries surround the University of Southern Mississippi. It means that the students have a great choice in dining. They can enjoy American, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai and many other food choices. The best part of these cafes is that they have a local spark which means that all the ingredients and raw material have a local source. The food is very clean and healthy and offers the students great taste. Their aim is both to enjoy the cafes’ tasty food and do some reading in the friendly environment they offer. So let see some of these off-campus cafes:

1. Petra Cafe Greek & Mediterranean

greek-salad serving in plate

This café offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food varieties. The all-time favorites of the students are their gyros, burgers, wraps, and kebabs. The best part of the café is that its atmosphere is warm, friendly and relaxing. There, people can ease their minds from study-related worries.

2. Purple Parrot café

seating area of cafe

This café has a shiny and glossy interior where the students sit to enjoy their dining. The place excels in offering traditional American food with a little twisting of flavors. On the whole, the drinks, food, and service is number one. Also, the café’s cocktails are much-loved among the visitors due to their taste and freshness.

3. Asian Café

Inside of asian cafe

The café is much-loved among the students for three reasons. One is that the café offers comfortable seating and environment. Second, the food at the café is healthy, tasty and gluten-free. Lastly, the café allows the students to grab a quick bite on their go.

4. Cotton Blues


The café has a modern setting, and the environment is perfect for homemade, hearty Southern Cuisine. Also, the place offers refreshing cocktails and drinks. So, the students and the visitors love the café’s lobster taco and crawfish mash potatoes. Students normally book the venue for special events that can include event planning and bridal showers.

5. Marlins Bar & Grill

dining hall of Marlins bar & grill

This is basically a seafood eatery that has relaxing wood-paneled seating throughout. Also, the place a large deck for live music. Thus, this café is the ideal place where the students celebrate with a group of friends or spend weekend nights.

6. Branch

American Cuisine platters

This cafe surrounding the university campus is a new inauguration and offers American cuisine. It has a great outdoor seating in the patio along with ample seating in its lounge area. Also, the students can buy whatever drink that suits their interests and mood.

7. C'est La Vie Bakery

serving of Paris Brest

The beauty of this café lies in offering unique tastes and quality in the dishes. The main focus of the place is on the desserts that include different kinds of pastries. Also, the pastries go very well with the coffee. The flavors in pastries include blueberry cheesecake, almond, chocolate, pear cranberry, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.

Thus, these are the local cafes that offer different varieties of breakfast, lunch and dessert menus. Here, students enjoy tasting different types of food in their university life. And this is what makes university life exciting and full of life.


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