1. The HoJo

The HoJo aka The Barrymore Hotel is home to some University of Tampa students. The hotel is a 5-10 minute walk from campus, and while that may seem short, when you have class at 2:00 and you’re running late those 5-10 minutes feel like a millennia

2. Plant Hall

Took the wrong stairwell?? Welp…not going to class today then. This building is a maze and half, it feels as though if you take one wrong turn you’re lost forever.

3. Small Class Sizes

One of the perks of going to UT is the small classes, 20:1 ratio of students to teachers.

4. The Grill

The Grill is the place to be at 12AM on any given night of the week, especially if you’re coming back from a long night out. Mozzarella Sticks, anyone?

5. SoHo

An abbreviation for South Howard, SoHo houses some of the best restaurants that are only a 8-10 dollar uber trip from campus.

6. The Ever Changing Weather

Getting up for an 8am and it’s 60 degrees, walking back from class at 10am and it’s 80 degress, fast forward to when you’re relaxing in your dorm and you look out your window to see a monsoon.

7. Station

You spend some of your Tuesday and Thursday nights at this place and as long as you’re with your friends you’ll have fun. Life’s what you make it.

8. SpartanWeb

You’ve been using this website to create your schedule and track your tuition payments for years, it makes sense to you now, but if anyone who didn’t attend UT tried to navigate through it they’d think they were looking at a foreign language.

9. Plant Park

Plant Park is located near Plant Hall, (remember that maze of a building mentioned before?) while walking through this park you’re definitely going to see a fair share of students lounging on hammocks.

10. The Pool

Being able to go to the pool from when you wake up until 5PM when you don’t have classes is something that students at other Universities can’t say they’re able to do.




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