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1. Try walking everywhere as much as possible.

The money you spend on Uber can add up quick and make you broke fast.

2. Bring a sweatshirt to class.

Yes, it is Florida, but sometimes the classrooms can be very cold from the AC and you’ll be stuck shivering for two hours.

3. Use your meal swipes.

The food at the caf or the other locations on campus aren’t always the best, but you’ll regret if you spend all of your money on food that can be spent on other things.

4. Go to the pool early.

On a hot day, the pool is where everyone wants to be. If you don’t go early enough you won’t get a spot and will be highly disappointed.

5. Spare your Spartan Dollars.

They don’t reload each week like your meal swipes do, so try your best to make them last throughout the semester.

6. Spend as much time outside as possible.

The campus is absolutely beautiful, and if you’re like most of the rest of the student body from the north, you should feel extra thankful that you can be outside in the winter months while your friend freeze their butts off back home

7. Join clubs/sports teams/Greek life.

You will meet some of your greatest friends as a part of a community. These are the people that will make your next four years.

8. Go to class.

It’s easy to forget the reason you came here when there are so many opportunities around you. There will be days you wanna skip class to go to the beach or the pool, but don’t do it. Remember why you came here, which is to get an education.

9. Use OneClass.com

This is a great website to access notes and study guides for your courses at University of Tampa! 

10 .Spend time with your roommates/suitemates/the people who live near your dorm room.

They will become your college family, and when you look back you won’t be able to imagine your college experience without them.

11. FaceTime your parents.

You’ve lived with them for 18 years and now you’re so far apart. You miss them while away at school, but they probably miss you more. It’ll make their entire day to hear from you even for 5 minutes, so make time for them.



Felicia Hyndman

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