Most of us at Unniversity of Tampa are struggling with a lot of our courses. However, there are some that are extremely cool and fun! Here are 11 Most Interesting Classes to Take at University of Tampa!

1. ART 230 – Introduction to Art Therapy 

Art therapy is an awesome class offered here as a minor as well. The class is interesting because you can use your artwork to reflect your feelings and see how your classmates reflect themselves through their artwork as well.

2. AST 126 – Introduction to Astronomy 

Astronomy is a super cool class to take here because you learn in depth about outer space and galaxies which you don’t closely learn about this in any other science class. It’s interesting to learn about the stars, constellations, and everything else in our sky!

3. COM 260 – American Cinema 

American cinema will introduce you to all the classic films of American culture. It’s so cool to analyze these movies deeper and see what makes them American classics.

4. DAN 200 – Dance/World Cultures 

This dance class is interesting because you learn about different dances around the world and how they incorporate into the culture of different areas of the planet.

5. HSC 100 – Health Science

This class is so interesting because it teaches you all about health, how to keep yourself healthy and statistics about health. The best part about it is that it encourages you to be healthier in your day to day life and you know the best choices to make in order to achieve that personal health.

6. ESC 151 – Swimming 

Might as well take advantage of the nice weather here in Tampa, right? In this class you can work on your swimming skills, and get credit for it!

7. MUS 114 – Voice Class 

This class is cool because you work on singing through practice on your own and with a group. You practice song-learning and interpretation and even attend recitals on campus as part of the class.

8. MUS 191 – World Music 

This class is extremely interesting because you learn about music all over the world. Music is such an important component of our lives every day and it’s super cool to see what music can express for other cultures and what it means to them.

9. SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology 

Intro to sociology is an awesome class because you see how the outside world affects the decisions we make. It’s super interesting to see outside factors and the affect they have on us that we might’ve not thought about before, and it makes us see things a different way.

10. PSY 200 – General Psychology

Psychology is always interesting because you make sense of the brain. You have an understanding of what makes your brain think a certain way, and to play brain tricks in class is pretty cool too.

11. REL 205 – World Religions

World religions is super interesting because you get to learn about religions of all different people and in different areas of the world, and it’s always fun to learn about something you’re unfamiliar with.


Felicia Hyndman

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