U tampa

1. Attending the University of Tampa opens your eyes to what is out there beyond your comfort zone

This school has amazing staff that cares about you and your future and they help you open your eyes to amazing possibilities.

2. The University of Tampa gives you a sense of home away from home

At UT you don’t need to worry about being homesick, this school is amazing at making you feel at home, which allows you to feel comfortable while exploring who you are and what you want.

3. You’ll meet the most amazing people

With UT’s smaller size you’ll get to know people fast and you’ll become super close with those who you click with. You wont just take a Biology class with Karen freshman year and then never see or talk to her again.

4. You’ll become more social

As stated in point #3, you’ll meet a lot of people, but it’s how the University of Tampa allows you to meet them. At UT there are sororities and fraternities and to get into them you have to be social and talk to people. This process makes everyone more comfortable with talking to people they do not know, which is always a positive quality to have. There are also clubs and sports teams, and through these you are able to become more social, and no, that does not include tweeting and texting.

5. The University of Tampa has great connections with companies and sports teams

Majoring in business? Sports Management? Communications? Choosing to come to The University of Tampa is one of the best things you could do. The Yankees have a practice field here, The Buccaneer’s stadium is 15 minutes away, and the Tampa Bay Lightening hockey team is a quick ride away, and lucky for you UT is great at getting students internships with these teams.

6. The University of Tampa is right near the city, which is growing rapidly

UT is a walk away from the city, and at the rate that it’s growing; the job opportunities are soon to be endless. You could live in the sunshine state for the rest of your life if you wanted to.

7. The University of Tampa brings you on an adventure to find yourself

This school allows you to be exposed to many different types of people, and with that you learn about yourself. You learn how you deal with others, and you learn what it takes for you to thrive in the real world.

8. You’ll learn valuable life skills

At UT, you’ll learn how to live. You’ll learn that living isn’t just going about you’re everyday life, you’ll learn that living is making the most out of everyday.

9. The University of Tampa has the best options for building a resume

As everyone knows, building a resume (and a good one) can be difficult, but at The University of Tampa, it’s easier than ever. The options are endless here. UT actively works with students to get internships and part-time jobs within their field. If you work hard and graduate from UT and your resume will look amazing!

10. The University of Tampa teaches you time management

At every school there are deadlines for assignments, but with the small class sizes, there’s no pulling a fast one on your professor to get an extension on your paper. This may seem like a bad thing, but it really does teach you the importance of time management.


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