1. Learn to be Independent

Yes this school prides itself on how professors and advisors are always there to smooth out any bumps you have on your journey as a Spartan, but there are times were you’ll be left to your own devices and will have to be ~independent~.

2. Make Friends With Your RA

You don’t have to be staying in an having pizza parties and movie nights with your RA, but trust me, you’ll want to be friends with him/her, it’s better in the long run.

3. Understand that UT is not as Small as it Seemed on your Tour

Capping at around 8,000 students, this school is not UF or USF but that’s not to say it isn’t large. Your first week here you will go out with anyone who smiles your way because you’re looking for new friends, but come the second week, you might not ever see them again. SIDE NOTE: You’ll get lost on campus for a little while, just ask an upperclassman to help, they don’t bite.


I made the terrible mistake of not doing this until spring semester. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT! I mean, do what you would like, but try to join a club, organization, or an association ASAP! You’re ~resume~ will thank me later, and so will your social life.

5. Go to the Gym

“I LOVE the gym!” “I workout all the time at home!” I know, I said it too, and I wasn’t lying, I do love the gym and I do workout everyday at home, but this is college its different you don’t always want to do it because that DQ ice cream sounds so much better. Trust me even someone who likes the gym as much as I do gained weight my freshman year. SIDE NOTE: If you don’t go to the gym that is OK too, this is just my tip from personal experience.

6. Utilize Study Hours and Tutoring Options

If you are having trouble in a class, its not “nerdy” or “uncool” to spend 5 hours in the library pounding your brain with information, going to study hours with your professor instead of out to dinner with your friends, or going to the tutoring lab during your 2 hour break from class. In college, being smart and getting good grades is what mostly everyone enjoys, unlike the stigma that you find in high school

7. Form a Bond with your Professors

Professors write your recommendation letters for your future job, and I know that seems far away, but college goes by fast you’ll want to start planning now.

8. Learn to Cook

Our dining options are definitely better than others that I have seen at some other schools, but you’re just going to get sick of them after a while because it’s the same thing all the time. Every residence hall has at least a community kitchen for you to use, so break out those cook books and learn to cook.

9. Be Wise

I say be wise rather than be smart because being wise means knowing what decisions are good for you and which are bad for you and understanding that it is okay to choose the right thing. Being smart is knowing the material you’re learning in class. Be wise on campus and do not do anything you will regret later on. Things happen, yes, but try your best to make good things happen, and learn from the bad things.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Let Your Roommate Know if Something he/she is Doing is Bothering You

This is my last tip, and probably the most important. Odds are you love your roommate, but living so close to someone could get a little messy. If they are doing something that you find irritating talk to them ASAP about it or else you will be volcano waiting to explode (and will most like explode on him/her at the completely wrong time).


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