Let’s be real, during finals week you’re up all day and night cramming for exams. There are some places at UTampa that wouldn’t be the worst place to fall asleep while you’re studying, and here’s some of them.

1. The couches by Jazzman’s.

Honestly, they’re pretty comfy.

2. Starbucks study rooms.

They’re quiet and secluded, so if you need to take a quick power nap you’ll have no problem falling asleep.

3. The booths in the library.

They’re pretty spacious with plenty of leg room, so falling asleep here wouldn’t be too awful.

4. The couches in Vaughn lobby.

Many students study here and the couches are comfy enough to sleep in.

5. Plant Park.

Much trees, very nature.

6. The common rooms in each dorm hall.

They have couches and tables, and are perfect to cram a nap in.

7. Spartan Club.

It’s pretty cozy in here and definitely easy to fall asleep in as you’re on your 25th hour awake studying, not going so strong anymore.

8. Lastly, pretty much anywhere you can find space and have five minutes to relax.

Finals week is a fight to the death for a good study spot for UT students, so you definitely don’t want to get up and risk somebody stealing your study area!


Felicia Hyndman

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