1. It is HECTIC

That being said, UT has amazing students and staff that volunteer their time to make the process as easy going as possible. (Just another amazing quality about the people at UT)

2. It’s a long day, and a full body workout

From occasionally not wanting to wait for the elevator and walking up 4 flights of stairs, to lifting your bed to the height you want, you’re going to exhausted (and have sore muscles) after your first move in day.

3. Get to your building early

If your move in time is 9:00 AM get there at 8:00 AM because you’re not the only one with a 9:00 AM slot.

4. You’re going to meet so many people

People at UT are very nice, they will help you with anything you need for the most part, and through this conversations are had and friendships are started.

5. You probably wont talk to your roommate until move in is completely finished

You’re excited to finally see your roomie face to face, but with all the chaos that comes with move in day, the likelihood of you having a full-length conversation with them before move in day is finish is extremely low.

6. You should talk to your roommate and suitemates ASAP about guidelines and rules of the room

Don’t make the mistake of being to chill on what you want the room to look like or if you want it to stay clean, this will just create miscommunication and cause tension. TALK AND WORK OUT A HAPPY MEDIUM FROM WEEK 1!!!!!!!


Everyone knows this is not a task anyone likes to do, BUT ITS SO NECESSARY! UT has clean rooms, but the vents get dusty and gross within the summer and also Lysol the room to ensure it’s germ free before the year starts.

8. Take time to meet people on your hall

Obviously wait until the night when everyone is settled but meeting people within the first couple days always helps in the long run.

9. Decorating the room takes time

All of these cute rooms you see on Pinterest take time, don’t stress about having the cutest floor in the building, odds are you’ll never really be in it anyways.

10. Lastly, have fun with it.

Something doesn’t work out completely correct on move in day? Don’t sweat it this day works better when everyone is happy and relaxed.


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