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Restaurants and Cafes near or at UT Martin

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Mariam Jabeen

Many local cafes are running nearby the University of Tennessee - Martin. These cafes take pride in making dishes from local produce. Also, the majority of their ingredients are organic and healthy. Those students who wish to take a study break and enjoy the open air, there are many coffee shops nearby. There, the students can also do some quiet reading and studying while sipping the hot chocolate or local coffee. So let us have a look at some of these local cafes:

1. Martin Coffee House

students enjoying at Martin Coffee House

A lot of good things completes this coffee house. They include a welcoming environment, great prices for food, friendly staff and tasty food. The café’s soup and sandwiches are very tasty and have local flavors. Many students host special events at this coffee shop. Also, some students use the place to relax and do some quiet reading while sipping local fresh coffee.

2. K & N Root Beer Drive-In

counter of K & N Root Beer Drive-in

This is a classic fast food and hamburger outlet near the university campus. The café excels in offering great homemade onion rings and pizza burgers. So, on the whole, the great food, great flavors, good and friendly service defines the café.

3. Dragon Buffet

food variety at dragon-buffet

This restaurant brings the taste of China in the region spiked with local flavors. The buffet features great choices in chicken, shrimp, and fish. Also, the buffet salad bar is very fresh, clean and organic. In desserts, the people can enjoy different flavors of local ice creams. On the whole, the place maintains the quality of standard buffet with good food selection, service, and reasonable price.

4. The Golden Roast Coffee Roasters

inside of the golden roast coffee roasters

This café is a great place to study, complete an assignment with concentration and enjoy great food. Thus, the students can enjoy local coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. The best thing about the café is that they roast their own coffee beans and further their business through a simple setting. Along with coffee and hot drinks and teas, the café also offers lunch items and home-baked snacks.

5. City Cafe Diner

dining area of city cafe dinner

The café excels in offering wholesome and tasty pies and cakes. Also, the place will offer the students with Steaks, Greek, Italian, Mexican and American Breakfasts. The much-loved starters include nachos with salsa, cheese, jalapenos, beans, sour cream, and guac.

6. Daydream Yogurt

indoor counter of daydreem yogurt

The yogurt that the place offers it very fresh and tasty. The customers have the option of dressing their yogurt cups with whatever toppings they like. They can either make their yogurt cups junk food by giving it chocolate, hot fudge, cereals or sprinkles. Or they can make it healthy by topping it with fruits.

7. Higher Ground Coffee

interior of higher ground coffee

The university students love to visit the place as it has a great range of locally brewed hot and cold coffee. Also, the café offers the students with fat-free and sugar-free drinks. Along with drinks, the place offers fresh pastries and sandwiches that are light and tasty.

Thus, these are the dining outlets outside the university campus. They make sure that once the students step out of the campus, they can curb their hunger easily.


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