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Jobs for College Students at the University of Tennessee - Martin

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Shefali Manjunath

The University of Tennessee - Martin is a public university in Martin, Tennessee. The university is one in five schools that are part of the University of Tennessee system. There are many jobs available to students on-campus. Here are the top ten jobs for college students at the University of Tennessee- Martin.

1. Hub Employee

Hub at martin logo

The Hub is the center for all student activities at the University of Tennessee- Martin. The Hub looks for employees to help with the many programs. There are also volunteer positions for those interested. Tasks include setting up and organizing events. You can apply for this position online.

2. Resident Advisor

 College RA standing outside her room

The residence halls on-campus hire older students to supervise residents. This position is live-in and covers housing costs. Resident Advisors are expected to be good role models for their citizens. You can apply for this position online or by contacting the Housing Office directly.

3. Retail Cashier

 Inside of a college bookstore

The university hires retail cashiers to work in many different parts on-campus. Students can be placed to work inside a bookstore or the other eateries around campus. Students are expected to have great customer service and management skills when working these positions. Students can apply online for this position.

4. Admissions Tour Guide

Admissions tour guide giving tour to group of parents and potential students

Students can work for the admissions office as a tour guide. Tour guides show new and prospective students around campus. Tour guides answer questions any students may have while showing them around. Students can apply online or contact the admissions office for more information.

5. Peer Tutor

Peer Tutoring written with little character holding pencil

Students can also apply to be peer tutors. Peer tutors help students with classes they may be struggling in. Peer tutors are needed in most subjects ranging from freshmen GE classes to graduate level courses. Students can apply for this position online.

6. Women's Center Volunteer

Women at the university talking

The Women's Center at the University of Tennessee- Martin is designed for women to connect and bond with each other. The Women's Center puts on many activities and they are looking for volunteers. Tasks include setting up the event and clean up. Students interested can apply online through the Women's Center.

7. Online Job Opportunities

OneClass Logo

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