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10 Easiest Classes at UT Martin

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Sabrina Goldman
College can be a lot easier if you balance your work load with both easy and hard classes. Many colleges offer courses that can boost your GPA while also relieving some stress. This is a list of 10 of the easier classes at UT-Martin.

1. Women’s Studies 370 - Psychology of Women

This course will teach you about mental processes, unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings. It will also discuss stereotypes associated with a woman's psych and how this can effect people's perspectives.            Female Psychology involves unlocking how women think and process information

2. Agricultural Economics 110 - Introduction to Agricultural Business

Business comes in many forms. This course brings a new perspective to the corporate world by discussing finances and sales as it pertains to farming and growing crops.Seeds and fields of plant crops are the fundamental components of farming

3. Geography 180 - Topics in Geography

This is a beginners class that touches on the general concepts of location, resources and human's physical place on the earth. Geography is a topic that many people learned in middle and high school, making it an easy review for most students.A large component of geography is where land is located on a map

4. Park Administration 110 - Introduction to Park Management

Managing a location and leading others can be hard, no matter what is being managed. This class discusses management in the form of running a success park and recreational facility. Considering that the class discusses this based on theory alone and does not require any managerial field experience, it is an ideal addition to your schedule.Park management involves the oversight of construction on the premises

5. Child and Family Studies 205 - Safe, Healthy Learning Environment 

Any class that has the words "safe" and "healthy" in the title will probably provide a relaxing environment. This class teachers students how to make others feel comfortable, namely in a situation where you are a teacher and those around you are your students. This class will discuss the benefits of these positive emotions and how it will improve the student's overall academic performance.A child's safety and health correlate with the way they are treated and their relationship with those around them

6. Fashion Merchandising 200 - Introduction to Fashion Merchandising   

This course discusses clothes trends throughout history, styles and personal expression in fashion. Considering its introductory nature, students do not need to have prior experience or knowledge to take this class.Measuring and using models are important components of fashion merchandising

7. Business Administration 722 - Leadership, Group Dynamics and Teamwork

Most work environments will require employees to know how to work well with others. This class will teach valuable life skills such as taking initiative and balancing personal ideas with the opinion's of others.Leadership and the components of teamwork, support, motivation, etc, are what creates successful work experiences.

8. Political Science 321 - International Relations

Different cultures vary heavily in the etiquette that is expecting from communication. This class simultaneously teaches students how to interact with foreigners and also how to pay more attention to social cues.International relations involves discussion and communication with people from all around the world

9. Marketing 372 - Sports Marketing I   

Do you love watching sports? This course will combine sports with academics in order to help you understand the business and finances behind athletics. You will study how broadcasters and advertisers use technique to promote a specific team or sport.Twitter, shares, messaging and google are some of the many ways to market sports

10. Criminal Justice 470 - Tennessee Criminal Law

This is an ideal class for students from Tennessee or students who are taking classes at the campus. This course will discuss the rights of all students while also making students aware of state laws and current political disputes.Tennessee laws and details of the criminal system can be found in library booksMost students need to take specific classes to obtain their desired degree. With this being said, it is important that you do not overload on required classes and that you take the time to find simple, intriguing courses. The best college experiences are those that encompass all of your interests, while still being manageable.


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