Some classes at the University of Texas at San Antonio are way harder than others, but as a research based university UTSA seems to have more than it’s fair share. Here are some of the students’ choices for hardest classes offered.

1. CHE 2603 – Organic Chemistry

Because regular chemistry wasn’t hard enough, right? This is “the chemistry of carbon compounds,” and if you know what that means you’re already way ahead of me! There are tons of formulas to memorize, and you’d better go in knowing the Periodic Table.

2. BIO 2313 – Genetics

Ah, genetics, the building blocks of all life. With so much to learn, it’s no wonder this class ends up on the list. This class teaches you what our genes mean, and how they affect us.

3. CHE 4303 – Bio-Chemistry

Again with the complicating chemistry! This is “the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes that occur within living organisms.” If you want to go pre-med, you’ll definitely find yourself in this class. This class too requires the memorization of formulas, but you’ll also learn how things react to living beings.

4. BIO 4783 – Microbial Genetics

Described to me as the genetics of bacteria, a whole lot more headache just got added to regular genetics. Not sure what this is used for, but I’m betting there’s a lot of lab work. Yay. This class will teach you just how dangerous (or not) those germs you come in contact with are.

5. BIO 4823 – Cognitive Neuroscience

Just saying this one is a little difficult. In basic terms, this is the science behind thought and all cognitive processes. And no, it’s not like psychology. Discover which parts of the brain control what, and our best guesses as to why.

6. ERG 6023 – Advanced Engineering Math

I wouldn’t want to take basic engineering math, much less advanced. This goes way further than your basic college algebra. If you want to be a successful engineer, you’ll need to do well in this class. Just be prepared to have pages full of equations in your notebooks.

7. ME 4293 – Thermodynamics 2

There was just so much to learn, the subject had to be broken up into multiple classes. This class teaches how temperature and heat make a difference to the energy and matter around us. This is also a class for future engineers.

8. MAT 4223 – Real Analysis II

Love hard math? This class is like trying to read and speak Russian without having ever heard of the language before. You don’t know what you’re Professor is saying, there are strange letters, and everything is going too quickly for you to keep up.

9. AST 1013 – Intro to Astronomy

You wouldn’t expect an intro class to be hard, right? Wrong. This class will blow your mind. You’ll learn just how old and vast our universe is, and it might even scare you. Unless stars and advanced physics are your thing, you’ll probably be leaving with a massive headache. The plus is, there’s no math required (yet).

10. EE 4733 – Intelligent Control Systems

Learn how to work with AI in this extremely difficult class. Machine learning, advanced algorithms, and fuzzy logic are all employed by this class. Your computer will also know about you than you do.

11. BONUS: ENG 4953 – Black Women, Beyonce, and Popular Culture

This class is no easy A, even for the truest of Queen B’s fans. Created by Dr. Kinitra Brooks, this class dives into topics including race, sex/gender, feminism, and culture as portrayed in Beyoncé’s album Lemonade.

Some classes are way harder than others, but as a research based university UTSA seems to have more than it’s fair share. Here are some of the students’ choices for hardest classes offered.


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