Unless you’ve had the privilege of calling yourself a UTSA student, there are just some things that you won’t get. We’re a culture and family all our own, and as such we have our own special traditions.

1. Fiesta

The biggest San Antonio celebration of the year, Fiesta is the month long – we’ll, Fiesta! – that even spends some time on campus. It’s the free and easy way to get your dose of the fun while also helping some great causes.

2. Romo

President Ricardo Romo, or just Romo for short, is hands down the coolest president of a university ever. From participating in things like the Harlem Shake, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and the Mannequin Challenge to making sure all students and faculty felt safe as Campus Carry came into effect, he’s done everything in his power to make UTSA a great place to be.

3. How to Get Rowdy!

No one gets Rowdy like UTSA does, and we made sure everyone knows! Not only did we name our fine feathered mascot Rowdy, we also won a PINK Campus Showdown (and placed top 4 the year after). You’re certain to hear “GET ROWDY” at least 10 times at all campus events.

4. Cardio

Located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, UTSA is known for it’s stairs. We built our campus into hills, under ground, threw roads on top of it, and more. God help those with asthma, but everyone here has fantastic legs!

5. Barbacoa & BigRed

Every Sunday with an avocado and corn tortillas for $13. #Blessed


They said it would get better after the construction, but will there ever be an end to the construction? Most of us have accepted that we will never be able to get to our classes on time because of all the traffic.

7. Sombrilla Fountain

Legend says that if you jump in the fountain the night before your final, the waters will give you good luck. Even if that’s not true, the fountain uses condensation collected from the library to run, so it’s still pretty awesome.

8. Taco Taco Cafe

While there are a variety of great food choices on campus, Taco Taco Cafe is the only locally owned option that served fresh prepared Mexican food. Stop by early for the breakfast tacos, and there’s always a free salsa bar. If you have a craving for their amazing food off campus? They have locations around town, too!

9. AirRowdy

A bad name for equally bad WiFi. It never works. Not in the library, not for the professors, and especially not when you just logged into that timed exam.

10. Rowdy Rush

One of the coolest experiences for any student, the new freshmen have the opportunity to form a path for the football team to run through before every home game. After the game begins, you even get a great seat to watch the game!https://j.gifs.com/r0NXjp.gif

11. Pepsi

Don’t like Pepsi products? You’d better bring your own drink to class then. Pepsi made a better deal with UTSA than Coca-Cola, so Coke is shunned.

12. The Art

What’s up with those statues? Have you seen the portrait of John Peace and his wife in the JPL? And the Main Building Mosaics are simply amazing.

13. Birds Up

Not an invitation to make a rude gesture, it’s the UTSA hand sign! You’ll never forget it, because it’s pretty much the only thing you’ll see during orientation.


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