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Restaurants and Cafés for Students at University of the Pacific

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Prince Alele
15 Jan 2019
5 min read

The University of the Pacific is a private student-focused university located in Stockton, California. Food in itself is a basic need of everybody, but getting great quality food can sometimes be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of seven great restaurants and café around the campus of the school.

1. Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi

Various delicacies at Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi

This small restaurant has earned a deserved name among the best in Stockton. Cocoro specializes in Japanese and Asian cuisines, receiving praise particularly for its sushi. Other meals that do not disappoint are the scallop roll, the bento box, and the noodles.

Cocoro’s menu is pleasantly long and also features some great wine and cocktails on its list. The great atmosphere is another factor that has contributed to its growth. Starters begin at around $8.95.

2. Tepa Taqueria

The counter of Tepa Taqueria

Few restaurants in Stockton can match the quality of Mexican and Latin Cuisines Tepa Taqueria puts on the table. The menu offers you the chance to be a bit adventurous with the great food served at Tepa. For the prices, the servings are reasonably large. The excellent services of the staff are sure to leave you with a good memory of the place.

3. The Lair

A section of The Lair

Students on campus would be familiar with the lair. It is situated at the Health Science building and is an excellent place to go and grab launch. The Lair offers students a variety of pastries, sandwiches, salads, and espresso beverages, all of which are freshly made and are available on the go. A good number of the items on the menu start at $1.95.

4. Seoul Soon Dubu

A table with various Asia cuisines at Seoul Soon Dubu

Asian and Korean cuisines cooked to their finest is a straightforward way of describing Seoul Soon Dubu. The soon tofu is probably the favorite here, but they also make remarkable kimchi (in different varieties), spicy pork, japche, and the potato dish. You are treated to fresh superbly cooked food at Seoul soondubu.

5. M and W Dutch American Bakery

M and W Chocolate with toppings

Not everybody gets to discover this hidden gem in Stockton. M and W offer a menu stuffed with a variety of cakes, cookies, pies, sandwiches, fresh bread, and more. The menu is not just full, but its contents are from the highest drawer too.

6. Mile Wine Company

Hallway of Mile Wine Company

Wine is not the only thing spectacular about this restaurant or company as the owner likes it. It features some excellent dishes too. The roast beef, roasted Brussel sprouts, grilled potatoes, pear, and blue cheese, and flatbread are a few of the wonderful delicacies this wine company offers.

Mile Wine Company also has an independent summer menu and children’s menu. If you visit for the wine too, you cannot be wrong. $14 is required to get a complete brunch here.

7. The Grove

Outside The Grove

The Grove is located in the McCaffrey Center, and it also features a grocery store. This means you can stop by, grab lunch, eat, and get some grocery necessities. The café features a good number of snacks, beverages, and a large natural foods selection which makes it an excellent place to eat.


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