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10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of the Pacific

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5 Jun 2018
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The University of the Pacific is a private university located in Stockton, California. The university has a long history as the oldest university in the state of California coming just a few years after California officially became a state. With such a long history, there have been many iterations of courses over the years. Here are 10 of the easiest courses you can take at the University of the Pacific.

1. ECON 055 - Intro to Macroeconomics: Theory, Policy

This class is, as you have guessed, an introduction to the field of big picture economic theory. You will learn about economic indicators such as GDP, unemployment rates, national income, etc. In addition, you will be able to understand the three main theories of Macroeconomics: output, unemployment, and inflation. The class average is very high and the professor is reportedly an easy grader.Depiction of what Macroeconomics is.

2. HIST 010 - Western Civilization 1

This course is the first course on Western Civilization. You will explore the culture, history, social norms and practices of countries with some relation to Western Europe. Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization. The professor is very chill and all the students have positive things to say about her.A famous depiction of the sacking of a Roman city.

3. PHIL011 - Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Basically, this field of study answers the question, "Who are we and why do we belong?" Introduction to Philosophy tells you this is an easy course as the two reviews are all very positive.   The class has a participation component but the professor is helpful and you learn a lot.Some of the great thinkers in Ancient Greece.

4. MATH053 - Calculus 2

At some universities, Calculus II can be a nightmare. Typically the second  math course taken at any university, the whole course involves applications of the integral and series/sequences. Based on the four ratings of the course, the professors generally know what they are doing and don't hype up memorization of formulas. One professor holds a ridiculous amount of office hours.Illustration of the concept of the integral.

5. PHIL053 - Introduction to Logic

Many people don't have an ounce of logic in them which is a pity. Learning logic can be a boring task as the one review of the class seems to think. The topics may be boring, the review reads, but the professor tries to make the class interesting by inserting his own stories into the course. The review praises the professor as an articulate person.A viral meme about thinking and planning ahead.

6. COMP051 - Introduction to Computer Science

Computer Science is one of those nasty majors that can be a real headache. However, this introductory course seems fairly tame. There rarely is any homework and they are of the easy to medium difficulty. There are a few projects as well as quite a few exams. However, there is a generous curve at the end.Large blocks of code are the stuff of nightmares.

7. PHIL027 - Fundamentals of Ethics

How about taking a course in ethics? You'll learn about what guides moral philosophy and conduct.  Well if you take it at this university, you'll have an easy time! There entire course is graded via homework which is of the medium to hard variety. There are rarely ever any quizzes and there are absolutely no exams. If you like to have a course graded solely on homework, take this class!What is ethical and what is legal often contradict.

8. ACTY003 - Aikido

Aikido is a modern Japanese Martial Arts form. The word literally means, "the way of unifying with life energy." If you're looking to learn how to defend yourself, this is a great course to take. The main focus of the course is how to turn your oppenent's energy against him. If this sounds useful, it is.The throw as demonstrated with Aikido

9. PACS002 - Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

This course seems like a course on dating and apparently it is. The professor is really chill and will like pretty much anything you tell her. The class consists of papers only and there is no exam or any quizzes.You might learn a thing or two about how to meet the perfect guy or gal.A literal interpretation of "many fish in the sea."

10. CLAS122 - Sexuality in Roman Society

Every hear of the saying," When in Rome, do as the Romans did"? Well, the Romans were a jolly bunch and much of the sexual practices of today's society come from the ancient Romans. The class is very easy and only consists of a few quizzes and homework assignments. It seems like an interesting class to say the least.The social classes of Ancient Rome.There are plenty of reasons to go to the University of the Pacific. You get the benefit of a good education with a small cozy campus community. A high acceptance rate of 65% seals the deal. Finding out there are easy classes to take? Well that's like the icing on the cake!


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