College is a transformative change in one’s life marked by an increase in independence, connections, and overall involvement in regards to a future career. In this article, there are steps that one should understand in order to do well in the Bioengineering major at the University of Toledo.

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In brevity, Bioengineering is an interesting major that delves into the concepts of mathematics, physics, engineering principles, and biology related principles. This major is primarily for those students who are interesting in medicine as well as engineering. Unlike Biology, Bioengineering allows one to understand the medicinal/cellular aspect as well as do calculations, identify issues, and devise solutions for the issues.

For those students who are interested in pursuing a pre-medical pathway to medical school, University of Toledo offers a wonderful program that is similar to a direct medical program. This program is referred to as the Bacc2MD program (initially known as BS/MD and BaccMD). If one were to do this program, he or she will not have to take the MCAT, and he or she will be guaranteed an interview into UTMC (University of Toledo Medical Center) if he or she were to maintain a GPA. In regards to the specifics of this program, students can take any major; however, the Bioengineering major is beneficial because Bioengineering offers unique opportunities in the form of CO-OPs, programming experience, and design product experiences.

However, although Bioengineering offers such opportunities, this major has its difficulties. Compared to other engineering majors, Bioengineering major at UT is very difficult. If one were to take this course, he or she would have to be prepared for all the difficulties, workload, and concepts that he or she will face in this major. Many students join initially, but they later switch majors due to the difficulty level of Bioengineering. Also, if one were to pursue a pre-medical track, he or she will have to take all science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics along with the Bioengineering courses; therefore, the workload is very heavy for this major. For individuals interested in science and mathematics, this major will be very fun and interesting; however, for students who do not have a predilection for these subjects, this major will be dreadful, so it basically depends on the preferences and interests of students.

Here are the following tips:


Procrastinating on the assignments of Bioengineering is never beneficial!!!! It is always necessary to portions of the homework over the week.

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2. Understand the Lecture and Review the Lecture

Although the professor does an articulate job explaining the concepts, one will have to read the book and review the concepts in order to allow that information to sink in.

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3. Learn To Manage Time Since High School!

High School is a fun and busy experience; however, college offers a wide range of opportunities that high school did not provide. In order to do well academically while balancing one’s organizations/activities, it is required to learn to manage and prioritize one’s activities. This will allow for balanced involvement in activities and in classes. – DEFINITELY REQUIRED FOR BIOENGINEERING

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4. Sleep Well and Eat Well

Eventually, college becomes so stressful that one will study all night and finish one’s homework with the help caffeinated sugary drinks. Don’t do this. Just sleep. Sleeping at least 7 hours a day is the key to better performance on anything. If time permits, finish the assignments the next day after a few hours of sleep.  Also, eating on a regular basis will help one to avoid Freshman 15 as well as provide the nutrients to the body for better performance.

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Although these may serve as tips for about any major or subject, these tips, as well as the suggestions provided earlier, will definitely help students who are interested in Bioengineering (or pre-med track) at University of Toledo. Use this information as advice and, depending on interests and preferences, decide on a major that will be helpful, fun, and interesting.


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Rupesh Boddapati

Born in California in 1999 Live in Northville, Michigan Graduated from Northville High School (Northville, Michigan) Studying Bioengineering (BS/MD Program)

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