Relay for Life is an incredible activity created by the American Cancer Society with the goals of increasing awareness of cancer, fundraising for research of cancer, and adulating and venerating individuals who have undergone the difficulties of cancer.

What did students do at the beginning of the event?

There was a countless number of students, families, and other societal members at the event; all gathered at the gymnasium, or campsite, and associated with their organizations at the beginning of the event. After settling down, the Relay For Life Committee members gathered together and provided information on why this event is celebrated and pronounced the National Anthem of United States.

How did we show respect to those individuals who underwent the difficulties of cancer?

All students, after the National Anthem, proceeded to the indoor track arena. After gathering at portions of the whole track arena, we clapped and cheered as those individuals walked one lap of the track arena. The action of clapping and cheering increased the level of emotion at the event, and this was further exacerbated by smiling faces of those individuals. Wonderful moment!

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What did other students do in the meantime?

Students hung out at the campsite by engaging in fun activities, doing homework, and socializing, and a dominant portion of students walked a countless number of laps around the track field in order to further encourage, venerate, and provide support to cancer research development, cancer survivors, caregivers, and those who underwent those difficulties.

What is truly the most remarkable moment at this event for me?

Around midnight, all individuals were called to the campsite in order to honor the luminaries present at the function. The Luminaries gave speeches on how cancer affected their lives citing emotional references to their family members and social friends. After listening to their speeches, you would be able to better understand how much of an influence cancer engenders on families and individuals.

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The ability to perform service is a genuine tool that has been provided to mankind, and this event clearly showcases this important fundamental. By encouraging societal members to take part in this event and work together to combat this disease, this event portrays how much of an influence people can make if they come together and work together.

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Let’s come together and help lay the foundation for alleviating this deadly disease from the face of the planet.

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Rupesh Boddapati

Born in California in 1999 Live in Northville, Michigan Graduated from Northville High School (Northville, Michigan) Studying Bioengineering (BS/MD Program)

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