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Finally, after graduating high school, one is entering the environment of the University of Toledo to pursue a degree in the Bioengineering field. However, professors will always provide frightening information in the first bioengineering class. So, what even is BIOE 1000 all about?

What is BIOE 1000?

BIOE 1000 is the first class that marks the beginning of the Bioengineering degree. Compared with all other engineering classes at the University of Toledo, BIOE 1000 is the most difficult one. By taking this course, students will learn the fundamentals and basics of all the latter BIOE courses that they will take in their next few years.

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What is so difficult of BIOE 1000?

BIOE 1000 is difficult for a few reasons. Primarily, students have difficulties understanding this material as they have never been exposed to such concepts before in high school. Secondly, BIOE 1000 is an articulate culmination of Biology, Mathematics, and Physics, so students will have to learn to implement ideas and work from all these subjects to approach a homework problem and understand the lecture. Thirdly, teachers increase the workload and difficulty level in this class as they would like to keep students who are interested and prepare those students for future BIOE rigor.

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How is the homework in BIOE 1000?

Homework is given on a weekly basis; however, it is recommended that students begin this coursework as soon as possible. Take the time to understand the problems, meet TAs to ask questions and clarify answers, and understand the main ideas behind the homework questions. All of this is necessary for students to prepare for the final exam as well as the major project (discussed later).

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What is the major project in BIOE 1000?

The major project is a detailed analysis of the blood flow in the cardiovascular system. By employing concepts such as Poiseuille’s Law, Darcy’s Law, Hooke’s Law, and electrical analyses laws, students will create a program using MATLAB to portray the flow of blood in the cardiovascular system in different conditions and diseases. Divided into three check-offs (segments), students will start by doing mathematical calculations, write a program, and implement the data from the calculations into the program to showcase different conditions.

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Is BIOE 1000 useful for students?

This primarily depends on the students. Students who are in pre-med will have a greater advantage when applying to medical schools as medical schools select more BIOE students in the application process. Also, Bioengineering provides for a co-op opportunity to students to enhance their professional, organizational, and resource skills. However, students who do not necessarily like math and the sciences will not have a fun time in such a rigorous course, so it is best for the students to decide.

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Using all this information, it is beneficial to take the time to consider one’s interests and think about pursuing a degree in Bioengineering. However, although this article offers useful information on the overall structure of the course, you should also check with other sources, friends, and other connections to finalize your decision on whether or not Bioengineering is for you.

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Rupesh Boddapati

Born in California in 1999 Live in Northville, Michigan Graduated from Northville High School (Northville, Michigan) Studying Bioengineering (BS/MD Program) at University of Toledo

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