A direct-medical program is definitely a program that any interested individual would be interested in. Although the process of being selected to the program has its difficulties, an accepted student will have a countless number of benefits such as direct acceptance into the medical school. So, what is the Bacc2MD program at the University of Toledo?

What is Bacc2MD?

Bacc2MD is basically what it sounds like. An accepted student will be able to complete his or her bachelor’s degree in a certain field (discussed later) and be accepted into the University of Toledo Medical Center to gain his or her MD degree. Image result for university of toledo medical center


What majors are permitted in this program?

Initially, before changing the program’s name to Bacc2MD, the program had two different names, and they are the following: BS/MD and Bacc/MD. BS/MD is the name referring to students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering and following the medical program after the completion of Bioengineering. Bacc/MD refers to the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Psychology, Biochemistry, et cetera and following the medical school pathway after the completion of the bachelor’s degree.

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Are there significant differences between these programs?

Obviously, the subject matter differs. In addition, the BS/MD program consists of eight-to-nine years, and Bacc/MD consists of seven-to-eight years. Usually, any program has a maximum of eight years, so where does the extra year come for the BS/MD program? Bioengineers at the University of Toledo have the prestige opportunity of completing a co-op for two semesters, thus the addition of the two semesters accounts for the extra year. This co-op opportunity offers incredible ways to work at companies, improve skills, receive monetary benefits, and gain experience from various fields and avenues.

Image result for DurationImage result for CO-op

Does this program guarantee one into medical school?

There are some misconceptions regarding this program. This program DOES NOT guarantee one into medical school. Instead, it offers each individual in the BS/MD program or Bacc/MD program an interview with the medical faculty. Those who are qualified will be allowed to pursue his or her MD degree at the University of Toledo, and those who will not be qualified will have to apply elsewhere. So, this is where the MCAT creates trouble. Although this program does not require students to take the MCAT, students should consider the possibility of studying for the MCAT if they do not get accepted into the medical center; therefore, management of time and resources is extremely critical for students to excel and get accepted into medical school.

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When does the interview occur?

Now, there is also another catch for students in either of these programs. Students who achieve a GPA of 3.9 or higher will have the eligibility of completing the program in eight years in BS/MD and seven years in Bacc/MD. This will require students to increase the workload in their schedule, and students in BS/MD will have to take their co-op every summer for the first three summers. So, considering this the time of interviews will also change as a result.

  • BS/MD:
    • 4 Year Undergraduates: Interview will be in the third year
    • 5 Year Undergraduates: Interview will be in the fourth year
  • Bacc/MD
    • 3 Year Undergraduates: Interview will be in the second year
    • 4 Year Undergraduates: Interview will be in the third year

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Considering all this information, students should decide on how to properly excel in their programs whether BS/MD or Bacc/MD and follow strict discipline, organization, and management of time and energy resources to do well, get accepted into the medical center, and create a strong impact on the community and society.

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Rupesh Boddapati

Born in California in 1999 Live in Northville, Michigan Graduated from Northville High School (Northville, Michigan) Studying Bioengineering (BS/MD Program)

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