Resident Advisors are the first few people that incoming students will see as soon as they step into the residence halls. They provide information, advice, and assist students with any troubles or issues that the students have. So, who exactly are they?

Who are Resident Advisors?

Resident Advisors are students who are in their second year, third year, or fourth year. They are primarily the sole leaders who have information regarding residence halls, mail, and upcoming events in the residence hall. Although there can be various resident advisors in a given residence hall, most of them basically perform similar duties.

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How can one apply to become a resident advisor?

Interested students should attend the resident advisor meetings that happen in the ending of the fall semester. During these sessions, resident advisors will provide various information on duties, benefits, time commitments, and requirements. Then, students are encouraged to apply and submit their application by a set deadline (in 2017, the deadline was December 1). Following months of reviewing applications, selected applicants will be called for an interview. Passing the interview will allow for the student to serve as a resident advisor in the following year; however, in the month of March of the current semester, he or she will have to complete a paraprofessional workshop (duration of four weeks) to completely assume the position of a resident advisor.

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What are the benefits/consequences?

Serving as a resident advisor will allow for the student to improve his or her cognitive skills, improve resource management, and learn better organizational skills. Along with serving as a boost on the resume, this can serve as a talking point in an interview. In addition, serving as a resident advisor will waive housing payments and food plans, so students can save approximately 4-5K per semester. In regards to the consequences, the time commitment is required and the job may get mundane as time passes.

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Being inclusive in the environment of the University of Toledo is very beneficial. Becoming part of organizations, assuming leadership positions in these organizations, and actively participating in external community events are wonderful ways to become integrated into the community. Along with doing so, students should also consider the opportunity to serve as a resident advisor and create a strong impact in the residence halls and on the local communities.

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