Courses at UTM are not easy. The high volume of assignments, the tight deadlines for projects, the severe amount of readings, and the pressure of the examinations and midterms, they all cause anxiety to new university students. However, there are actually some bird courses that can make your university life in UTM much easier. The following are the top 10 easiest courses that are commonly agreed by the UTM alumnus.

1.LIN 204 English Grammar 1

Lin 204 is one of the bird courses in UTM. It basically teaches the most basic English grammatical concepts that you have probably learned in your elementary schools, such as tense, clause, phrase, and sentence structure. Students also learn modality and aspect in this course. One of the advantages of taking this course is that there is no midterm. The course has 6 assignments each one weighs 4% – 10% of the whole course; 6 Quizzes which weigh 12% in total; participation that weighs 5% and a final exam that weighs 44%.


2.LIN 205 English Grammar 2

This is a course for students who are seeking for an easy course but also improvement in English. Within a short time, it teaches you the fundamental knowledge of English that you need in your day-to-day English communication in both writing and speaking. Content in this course includes structuring English sentences, different categories of words such as verb, adjective, adverb, noun and so on, sentence meaning, and language function. The grade breakdown includes quizzes that weigh 20%, midterm that weighs 15%, assignments that weigh 15%, tutorial participation 10% and final exam 40%. One of the advantages of this course is that the content in quizzes, midterms, assignments, and exam are very repetitive. As long as you do all these works, you will be well-prepared to do the exam and you can easily get a good grade.


3.CHI 100 Introductory Chinese 1

This course is intended for students who have almost no Chinese background. It is teaching the simplest writing, speaking, listening and reading skill. According to the alumni, the average grade of this course usually is high enough that the professor has to decrease the average for the class to make sure that not too many students can get a high score. One of the advantages of this course is that the final exam only worth 25%. Students can depend on their assignments, quizzes, and attendance to get a high score.


4.MAT 133 (summer)

If we first ignore the summer part, the content in MAT 133 is already relatively easier than the MAT 134, MAT 135, and MAT 137, as it doesn’t include Trigonometry. Therefore if you are not good at the topics such as derivative and integration in calculus, in Mat 133 you won’t need to learn  derivative and integration in trigonometry. Summer MAT 133 is much easier than the one in a regular year. First, you can skip the Calculus Readiness Assessment that weighs 3% in the regular year. Second, instead of having 16 assignment and the online quizzes that weigh only 12% in total, the summer MAT 133 simplified it to nine hand-in problem sets (best six out of nine) for 12%. Instead of 4 tests in total, you only have 3 tests that weigh 20% for the first two and 8% for the last one. Also they tend to mark more leniently in the summer.


5.PHL 145 Critical reasoning

This course is teaching you logic and critical reasoning. In this class, you will have two midterms, one exam and it has 1 assignment. In the lecture, the professor will provide you some practice questions and a chart of the logical reasoning practices. Base on the chart alone you can tackle most of the questions in this course. By doing all the practice questions, which are provided by the lecturer, you will dominate the midterms and the exam, as they are so repetitive.


These are the well-known bird courses at UTM. By taking these courses you will be able to get a good grade more easily. However, putting the basic degree of effort is necessary for all of these courses. Going to classes, finishing all the assignments and study regularly are essential for a greater success. For the next five of the ten easiest courses at UTM, will be continued in part two.

Jason tse

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