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The University of Toronto – St. George is a highly rated research and co-educational university in. The school is popularly known for being the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research. The University of Toronto – St. George offers over 700 undergraduate programs, and this list contains the top 10 majors offered at the school.

1.    Architecture (B.A. HBA MArch.)

The blue print and architectural design of a building

Architecture is one of the foremost majors offered at the University of Toronto – St. George. The program treats architecture both as a profession and a discipline of study. The goal of the department is to produce architects who can use their visual literacy and skills in multiple career paths.

2.    Biology (B.S. M.S. Ph.D.)

The major areas of biological studies

The University of Toronto – St. George has a very rich background in biology, it was also the first site of the practical electron microscope. Students who major in biology can choose to concentrate on cellular and molecular biology, the biology of plants, animals or other areas of interest. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge and skills in research to make important contributions to society.

3.    Commerce and Management (B.A. M.A. Ph.D.)

Communication: An illustration for corporate discussion

The commerce and management major offered by Joseph L. Rotman School of Management has been offering programs in commerce and management for more than a century. The school has a reputation for its excellent programs and is ranked as the best business school in Canada.

4.    Computer Science (B.S. M.S.)

A computer scientist writing a program

The University of Toronto – St. George offers a standard program in computer science. The school has a reputation for training excellent students who can apply their knowledge of computers in a variety of industries.

5.    Humanities & Social Science (B.A. M.A.)

Areas of study in Humanities and Social Science

The department of humanities and social science is the biggest and most prestigious department of the University of Toronto – St. George. The department has a high number of concentration areas for students to choose from.

6.    Kinesiology and Physical Education

Kinesiology: The study of human body movements

Kinesiology and physical education is one of the most desired majors at the University of Toronto – St. George and the school excels in sports and physical sciences. Students who major in exercise science are trained to pursue careers in areas like cardiac rehabilitation, exercise physiology, physical therapy.

7.    Mechanical Engineering (B.S. M.S.)

A mechanical engineer fixing a car engine

The mechanical engineering programs offered at the University of Toronto – St. George are widely referred to one of the best in Canada. The school is known for its applied, practical curriculum, and its graduates are able to work industries that require skills in mechanical engineering.

8.    Medicine (MD)

A doctor and a nurse holding a stethoscope

Medicine as a major is one of the two standout program offered at the University of Toronto – St. George. The school of medicine is committed to training students who will become the future of Canada’s health industry.

9.    Nursing (BSc.N MSN)

A nurse administering an injection to a patient

Nursing is one of the prominent programs offered at the University of Toronto – St. George. The nursing department of the school has 14 concentration area and is committed to training individuals who can provide quality nursing care in different organizations in the health care industry.

10.  Physical & Mathematical Science (B.S.)

Mathematical equations written on a blackboard

The physical and mathematical science program of the University of Toronto –St. George concentrates on investigating the natural laws and processes of non-living matter. Students who choose this major can pursue careers in geology, materials science, applied mathematics and statistics, geophysics among others.

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