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Math Courses at University of Toronto St. George

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The University of Toronto St. George is a public research university located in Toronto, Canada. Some of UTSG's most notable alumni include Mena Massoud, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell, Roberta Bondar, and much more! UTSG wants to provide all of its students with the best education possible which, of course, means that a wide variety of math classes are offered. Continuing reading this post to learn about some of the math classes available at University of Toronto St. George.

1. MAT135H1 - Calculus I

Some of the topics and terms used in calculus

MAT135H1 introduces students to tools of differential calculus which focuses on measuring how quantities change. In the past, this class has been taught by Professors Sarah Mayes-Tang, Anthony Lam, Shai Cohen, Alfonso Gracia-Saz, Joel Chan, and more. These professors will teach students how to solve problems, describe how different types of change are related, and how to compute maximum and minimum quantities using differential calculus tools. More importantly, this class will allow students to see how these calculus tools apply to social, biological, and physical sciences.

2. MAT136H1 - Calculus II

students tabling for university of Toronto mathematics

MAT136H1, or Calculus II, is the second part of the introductory Calculus classes taught at UTSG. Because this class is taught by Professors Sarah Mayes-Tang, Anthony Lam, and Joel Chan, professors who also teach Calculus I, this course is does a good job of continuing what was taught in the previous course. Some of the specific topics taught include the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, finding areas of curved shapes, understand integrals, infinite sums, compute areas, work with derivatives, and more!

3. MAT138H1 - Introduction to Proofs

Cartoon of a math proof

This isn't your typical math class, mostly because there's a good amount of writing involved. Introduction to Proofs, taught by Professor Alfonso Gracia-Saz, will allow students to get comfortable with abstraction, rigor, logic, and proofs through reading and understanding mathematical statements, analyzing definitions, formulating conjectures and generalizations, and writing proofs. Students are able to practice these skills with specific mathematical content which changes yearly based on the professor.

4. MAT188H1F - Linear Algebra

Type of graph seen in linear algebra

Many STEM students are required to take linear algebra because of how useful these skills are for their fields. This class, taught by Professor Sean Uppal, covers systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, independent sets, spanning sets, matrices, linear transformations, dot products, orthogonal sets, least squares approximation, and much more. This class also introduces students to numeric computation in a weekly lab.

5. MAT198H1 - Cryptology: The Mathematics of Secrecy and Security

An example of using cryptology to encode words

MAT198H1 is a math class that is rather unique to UTSG. Cryptology: The Mathematics of Secrecy and Security aims to answer the question of how we can send confidential information through secure channels and how we can break codes to uncover secret information. In this class, students will study breakthroughs in cryptology such as secret messages in the ancient world and the Enigma cipher from World War II as well as the modern crypto systems that allow online commerce to be secure. Unfortunately, this class, taught by Professors Soheil Homayouni and Dietrich Burbulla, is only open to first-year students, so make sure you sign up while you can!

6. MAT199H1 - Women's Mathematics

Logo for the Association for Women in Mathematics

Like the previous course, MAT199H1 is a course that not many other schools offer. Similarly, this class, taught by Professor Soheil Homayouni, is only open to first-year students. The main focus of this course is to explore math created by women while also studying the issue of women in math. Students will have a unique opportunity to learn about the complex factors that impact how often women are able to participate in STEM fields, learn about female mathematicians, and hone their spatial cognition and logical thinking skills.

7. MAT224H1 - Linear Algebra I

Graphs and equations in linear algebra

While Linear Algebra has already been mentioned on this list, MAT224H1 is not the same. This version of linear algebra covers more material in the same amount of time. On top of the topics covered in MAT188H1F, this course also covers Cramer's rule, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, eigenspaces, and more. In previous years, this course has been taught by Professors Sean Uppal, Romuald Stanczak, Jason Siefken, Nicholas Hoell, and Peter Crooks.

8. MAT240H1 - Algebra I

A basic algebra equation

MAT240H1 is a more complex version of your typical high school algebra class. This class provides students with a theoretical approach to vector spaces in arbitrary fields, subspaces, linear transformations, matrices, similarity, determinants, polynomials over a field, characteristic polynomial, diagonalization, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, and more. In previous years, Algebra I has been taught by Professors Joe Repka and Peter Crooks.

9. MAT237Y1 - Multivariable Calculus

The type of problem you'd see in multivariable calculus

Multivariable Calculus, sometimes also labeled at Calculus 3, is the last class in the series of calculus courses offered at UTSG. In this past, this course has been taught by Professors Sean Uppal, Soheil Homayouni, Alfonso Gracia-Saz, Felix Recio, and Mohammad Miksirat. Some of the topics covered in Algebra I include uniform convergence, convergence of integrals, differential and integral calculus, extremal problems, Lagrange multipliers, line and surface integrals, vector analysis, Stokes' theorem, Fourier series, and more!

10. MAT332H1 - Introduction to Graph Theory

A basic graph seen in graph theory

Graph Theory is a type of math that most people aren't familiar with or haven't been introduced to. This class, taught by Professor Robert McCann, is the perfect opportunity to learn if you fall under this category. Some of the topics covered include graphs, isomorphism, trees, connectivity, Euler and Hamiltonian properties, vertex and edge colorings, planarity, regular graphs, and more. Students will use these topics to understand how they apply to real life with problems such as timetabling, tournament scheduling, experimental design, and finite geometries.

People often think that math is a challenging subject but with UTSG professors, it doesn't have to be! These professors do their best to make sure you understand all the material and feel comfortable with your classwork. If you're considering taking some math courses at UTSG in the future, come back to this post to refresh yourself on some of the courses offered!


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