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One of the most difficult part of MAT137 (Calculus) is the Problem Sets that are due every two weeks.  It feels as if they never end and as soon as you finish one the next is posted.

Here are some tips on how to beat those scary looking Problem Sets.

1. Take it easy and read it through

Most of the problems in the problem sets are worded in such a way that it makes them seem more difficult than they actually are. Sometimes there are some comparatively easy problems in the problem sets and all you need to do is read them and try to simplify and understand what they are asking for.


2. Watch the videos

There are videos on almost every topic on the course website. It is easy to miss tiny bits and pieces while watching the videos the first time. So while trying to solve the problem set, re-watch those videos may help.


3. Math Aid Center

The instructors’ office hours and the TAs’ office hours are very helpful in case of the problem sets. If you are such on something and need some one on one help, Math aid Center is the place to go. There are plenty of office hours through out the day.


4. Group discussion

Though this course says that problem sets are individual tasks and should not be shared with other peers, it is still ok to discuss about the process of solving a problem. Even in the Math Aid center you will find people grouping up and discussing how to approach the given problems.


5. Do the suggested practice question from the text-book

Sometimes some of the questions of the problem sets are similar to some of the suggested practice problems in the text-book. As the calculus text-book is so huge and is rarely used in the class some people just skip the practice problems. But these can give you an idea on how to approach the given problem if it is similar to the one in the problem set.


Finally, don’t take it too hard. Problem sets are just a small part of the final grade. They are way harder than the question that you will encounter in the actual tests. The point of these problem sets is actually to make you think deeper about the content and learn from it.


Prianka Roy

Hi! I'm a Computer Science major at University of Toronto. I love arts, music, traveling and food.

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