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As an incoming first year or high school student, we’ve all heard the rumours about the infamous University of Toronto. There are too many students, the classes are impossible, the professors only care about graduate students; the list goes on and on and any seasoned veteran can tell you that they are all true. Completely and utterly true. 

Oh U of T, how do I despise thee? Let me count the ways. 

1)     The students are boring and antisocial

It’s an unwritten rule, a silent pact. One does not speak to one’s fellow classmates. The students at U of T are never up for a chat during breaks and don’t even think about asking to study together.

Although the party scene might be smaller and the people a bit more shy, students at U of T are some of the friendliest around. From Nigerian international students to local Torontonians, the students here all bring interesting perspectives to the table and it’s likely you’ll make some life changing friends.

2)    Their academic reputation is terrible

It’s only the highest ranked university in Canada and top 20 in the international rankings.

3)  There is nothing to do

Between sporting events, nightlife and thousands of pubs and restaurants, Toronto can be a pretty dull place to live. I often find myself sitting listless in my dorm room on a Friday night.

4) At U of T, you’re just a number

The professors at U of T really couldn’t care less about you. Failed the course? Whatever. Drop out of school to become a McD’s fry cook? Sure, go for it.

Not actually though. Professors love what they do and the ones at U of T are some of the brightest minds in the world. Most are more than happy to talk with you about thermodynamic systems or the implications of social class in Brontë’s works as much as you want. Some will even go so far as to give you tips and talk with you about your future plans!


5) You will undoubtedly fail all your courses

The three golden rules:

Go to class.

Work hard.

Take a deep breath and ask for help when you need it.

The classes are hard but with endless courses to choose from, you can certainly find something that interests you to ease the burden of studying.

6) The campus is terrible

Enough said.

Any current student can tell you, you will most definitely regret your decision to attend the University of Toronto. With its impeccable academic standing, wealth of students and clubs and central location, one can really imagine how attending a university such as this one would be a terrible thing.

University is tough; it’s big and scary and a huge adjustment from high school, but don’t let that scare you away from one of the best institutions around. Be confident and take a chance. You will likely find that all those cautionary tales were just that, tall tales.


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