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Till last year the first year economics course was ECO100, a year-long course. But from this year the course has been divided into two half-year courses : ECO101 and ECO102. ECO101 (Principals of Microeconomics) is a prerequisite for ECO102 (Principals of Macroeconomics). Here are some tips  on how to nail ECO101.

1. Learn the concepts


The secret to getting good grades in ECO101 is having  a clear concept of all the topics. The text book reading can help do this.

2. Watch Prof. Gazzale’s lecture videos


Whether or not you are in Gazzale’s section or not, his lecture videos can be very useful. He has his lectures recorded for his students up on portal. You can always ask for the link from a friend who is in his section and watch the ones that are related to your lecture.

3. Do the readings before the lectures


Usually the professors assign a chapter of the textbook for reading to do before the lectures. Though the lectures are slow and the professor explains the topic nicely, it really helps if you have done the readings before hand.

4. Don’t miss the tutorials


ECO101 has a 1 hour tutorial per week where they make you understand the concepts by playing games on MobLab. But these you can earn 5% o your final grade just by being present at the tutorials. These tutorials are pretty easy too.

5. Watch videos online


Even after going to lectures and reading through the textbooks, it is normal to have some gap in understanding the topics. In that case there are lots of resources online to help you. You can go to YouTube and watch some videos online on websites.

6. Go to office hours and economics study center

There are office hours of professors where you can go and get one on one help from the prof himself. You can also pay a visit to the Economics study center to get some help too.

7. Do the practice problems

Do get a good grade in the exam you should do all the practice problems given on the Portal by the prof. This will help you understand what kind of questions might appear on the test and help  go prepared to the exam hall.

Finally, ECO101 is a really fun course . You’ll learn so many new concepts like the sunk cost to Game Theory. These are fun to learn and you can apply them to your daily life as well. So even if your program does not require this course you can take this course and learn the basics of economics!


Prianka Roy

Hi! I'm a Computer Science major at University of Toronto. I love arts, music, traveling and food.

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