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Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at University of Toronto (St. George):

1. AST201 – Stars and Galaxies

If you’re interested in learning more about science of the space outside of the Earth, look no further. A fun class with i-clicker quizzes to keep you listening and cool assignments such as viewing phases of the moon.

2. CLA204 – Introduction to Classical Mythology

If you have an interest in mythology and other ancient legends of Greece, this is a great course to take. Weekly readings consist of material from various mythological novels.

3. CSC108 – Introduction to Computer Programming

Don’t know how to program, but want to be able to gain a useful skill and earn a credit for it? Look no further than CSC108. A class fit for beginners where no programming background is needed. You’ll learn the Python language and make your own games and mini applications as assignments.

4. MUS240 – Heavy Music

If you’re into music, this is the course for you. Learn about every type of music — from opera to punk music — in this class. This course will change the way you think about heavy music by learning about it in three different ways: heavy music (harsh sounds) heavy sentiments (emotionally heavy songs), and heavy stakes (how music is used in political and social contexts).

5. PSY100 – Introductory Psychology

One of the best first year courses you can take, where you get a taste of psychology and explore many different aspects of the field that are covered in higher level courses. This course covers everything from the five senses to optical illusions. Especially if you have Dr. Dolderman as your professor, you’re in for some entertaining lectures.

6. CIN105 – Introduction to Film Study

Who wouldn’t like to have movie screenings during class? You learn about the different shots and styles that filmmakers use. Many film genres are covered from documentary, avant-garde, to classics like Citizen Kane.

7. ANT253 – Language & Society

Claimed as a bird course by many students, it also doesn’t have a final exam! This course analyzes the connection between language and how it relates to the society we live in.

8. ENG239 – Fantasy and Horror

Want to spend the semester reading awesome fiction novels and read for your own interest? The Fantasy and Horror course offers interesting reading material and class discussions.

9. HIS343 – History of Modern Espionage

An interesting course about the origins of modern intelligence services. You will also learn about how pop culture has had an effect on the world of espionage.

10. RLG232 – Religion and Film

A unique course where you learn about the relationship between religion and film. Classes are mostly film screenings and lots of neat techniques used in film are discussed. Also, there’s no final exam!


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