University of toronto entrance gate

If you are a current student at University of Toronto, these 20 things would totally make sense to you! 

1. You have had 2000 classmates

Especially during your first and second years in Con Hall

2. A class of 200 students is a small class

Considered that you had at least one class of 2000 classmates, then yeah, it’s a small class.

3. Seeing tourists on campus everyday

From infant to elders, from local to international, you’ll see at least one of these tour groups on campus especially in front of UC (Kings College Circle) taking never-ending selfies and pictures.

4. You’ve walked across King’s College after a rain or snowfall and regretted it

Muddy and gooey, your shoes are ruined, you’ve learned your lesson.

5. Stayed at the library for 24 hours

Sleep is for the weak. With your T-Card, you can stay at the Robarts library for 24 hours.

6. Hated the Wi-Fi at Robarts

Despite the library being open for 24 hours a day, the Wi-Fi either isn’t working or takes forever for to load a page.

7. The “hidden” Innis café

It’s not exactly a hidden café, but not many discover this amazing gem in Innis college during their first year. It’s a family-run café and it’s known to have cheap, delicious and healthy food.

8. The Brown truck

Cheap delicious poutine everyday! And you’ve heard the Brown truck lady ask you: “Anything to drink for you?!” at least once.  You basically live off of the food trucks on St. George street.

9. Hated having classes at SMC or VIC

Unless you lived at SMC or VIC, having to cross Queens Park back and forth is a torture especially on cold winter nights.

10. You went to the Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor street every Thursday

Every Thursday the Shoppers Drug Mart on Bloor street has a student discount for 10% off all original priced items. All you have to do is show them your T-Card.

11. ACORN is your best friend

Being sarcastic here; talk about course selection.  

12. Snowstorms aren’t real. You’re still going to school.

Snowstorm? You’re still going to school because the likelihood of school closure is 0%.

13. Rivalry with Waterloo University

The never-ending debate on which school is better.

14. Having at least one over-achiever in class

This person is always asking questions and is always the first one to go to the prof or TA during breaks of after class. Thanks for ruining the bell curve.

15. Having four months of summer!

Who doesn’t want long Summer breaks?! Only few US schools have four months of summer since most are around three months (quarter systems).

16. But only two weeks of Winter break

It’s great to have long summer breaks but that means shorter winter breaks.

17. And only one week of reading week

While most Ontario universities have at least one reading week for each semester, U of T sadly only has one full reading week during the second semester.

18. Three hours lectures especially at night (6-9pm) are always a torture

If it’s during the winter/spring semester, then you are most likely to fall asleep in lectures, skip class or drop it by the end of the first lecture.

19. Frosh Parade

Getting to march around the entire campus and having the road blocked just for you; it’s a once in a lifetime experience!

20. Proud that you went to one of the best University

Despite all the studying, sleepless nights and never ending assignments, you’re still proud to be studying in one of the best institution in the world.


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