Obtaining a Kinesiology and Health Science Bachelor degree can open up a world of opportunities.  Many students in the program go on to pursue graduate studies or further education. For those that are not pre-med but would still like to pursue a career in the field of health, these are some incredibly exciting options at The University of Toronto that you might want to consider in furthering your education.

 1.Master of Professional Kinesiology (MPK)

If you enjoy the science of kinesiology and find a real passion in mastering its subject matter, consider pursuing a Master of Professional Kinesiology (MPK) which will allow you to gain an advanced level of research-informed knowledge in the field of professional kinesiology.  The length of this program is sixteen months with a strong emphasis on experiential learning and practica. This allows students to apply their skills in a variety of ways and exposes them to a wide range of situations they may experience as practitioners.  The program is course-based and is taught in a mixed structure of lectures, laboratories, and tutorials. If you want to attain the skills to improve the physical function of others and delve further into the world of kinesiology research, this is a great program to consider!


2. Master of Public Health (MPH)

 The Master of Public Health degree at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health is one of the most highly regarded public health graduate programs in the country. The program is created for individuals who are passionate about pursuing careers in academic, community, public, or private sectors related to creating healthier communities and individuals. The five fields you can specialize through in the program include Epidemiology, Family and Community Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, Health Promotion (Social and Behavioural Health Sciences), and Occupational and Environmental Health. It is advisable to take some research methods and statistics courses during your undergraduate degree to prepare for this program.  The networking opportunities, incredible professors, and passionate student body are what make this program a stellar one to consider for any health science undergraduate student passionate about working more on the research and policy side of health care than as a clinician.


3. Health Policy, Management & Evaluation (MSc)

For those who would like to work on the public health side of health care rather than as doctors or clinicians, like the Master of Public Health, the Master of Science in Health Policy, Management & Evaluation is a wonderful option to consider. The program boasts a wide range of concentrations to specialize in, including Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research, Health Services Research, Health Technology Assessment and Management, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, and System Leadership and Innovation. If you enjoy research and want to work with big ideas, this program will satisfy your desire for further understanding of how our healthcare systems are shaped and improved. The program also allows students the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary collaborative programs with other University of Toronto departments which gives them the option for further specialization.


4. Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT)

Physiotherapy is a rapidly growing profession in Canada and is a great path for those who want a career where they can improve the lives of others and apply their knowledge of the science behind human movement. The Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto is 24 months long and allows you to gain accreditation by Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada. It will allow you to practise as a physiotherapist in Canada and you will be able to register for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Colleges of Physiotherapy in all the Canadian provinces. In the master’s program, you will focus on courses like anatomy biomechanics. A career in physiotherapy can be really fulfilling and rewarding and is a great fit for health science and kinesiology undergraduates.


At the end of the day, getting to the end of your undergraduate degree can be a daunting experience if one isn’t sure about their next steps. If you want to pursue further education in the fields of health science and kinesiology, look into these highly regarded programs as a possible next step. Doing some research ahead of time and exploring your options is a very important.


Sahar J

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