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Sometimes, the best thing students can do for themselves is to get away from their usual campus study spots in favour of less crowded, fresh atmospheres. The University of Toronto St.George campus, with the advantage of its downtown location, is surrounded by hidden treasure study spots that you should absolutely be taking advantage of! When the UofT St. Robart’s library, most University of Toronto student’s go-to, is too crowded – check out the following list of alternative study spots that you will wish you had discovered earlier!

1. Quantum Coffee

Quantum coffee, located at 460 King Street West, is a great study spot for students to settle in and get to work. The cafe’s bright lighting and minimalist design are perfect for a few hours of committed studying. The coffee is made with classic gourmet beans and the latte art is sure to brighten your day (and is a  great Instagram photo opportunity). The creme brulee cappuccino at the spot is a great way to get your caffeine fix for the long study session ahead. At the back of the cafe there is generous, brightly lit space filled with tables and chairs – perfect for group and individual study!


2. The Common

Carry your books a few blocks over from the University of Toronto campus to The Common, at Bloor and Brunswick, where you can secure an endless supply of caffeine and elegant study space. The place is filled with bright natural lighting and energy. If you like to work somewhere a little more upbeat than the quiet of the University of Toronto Gernstein library, the Common offers a refreshing and revitalizing atmosphere for the University of Toronto student needing a pick-me-up!


3. Toronto Reference Library

The Toronto Reference Library, located at 789 Yonge Street, is a wonderful place to hit the books when the on-campus libraries are overcrowded with students during exam season. Head to the huge Reference Library where you are sure to find a cosy study spot among the high-ceiling architecture. Roaming through the many floors of the library is a great way to take a quick study break between readings. There are a plethora of computer stations and even a Balzac’s coffee location within the library where you can grab a snack.


4. Page One 

At 106 Mutual Street, near the University of Toronto campus, Page One cafe offers a spacious, tastefully decorated haven for you to hit the books. The cafe’s signature is the lines of typewriters that adorn its walls and its comfortable seating areas. The tables that line the cafe all the way to the back give you many options for both individual and group study dates. The menu includes not only organic foods and tasty lattes, but also fun cocktails and beers for you to unwind after a few long hours of studying. If you stay late into the evening, sometimes the cafe hosts events like spoken word nights that you can use as an opportunity to unwind after a few hours studying there.


5. Cafe Pamenar

Walking distance from the University of Toronto campus, Cafe Pamenar boasts inexpensive beverages, lots of sitting space, and is a lot more warm and inviting than some of the University of Toronto Libraries. Take a break from study sessions between stuffy book cases and opt for this inviting atmosphere instead. There is reliable wi-fi, outlets, and large tables available for larger study group meetings.


Grab a few study buddies or head alone to these spots to fit some serious productivity into your week. Changing the environment you study in can often improve your focus and motivation immensely. Take a stroll off campus to a few of these spots to kick-start your next study session!


Sahar J

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